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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

When something is hard for you to do, call on Me. Allow Me to be by your elbow. Allow Me to help. Please know you are never alone. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, I am with you. I am with you in every sense of the word. I am here. I am here. I am here.

Invite Me. Even though I am already here, invite Me. Let Me be your Life Assistant. Let Me carry you through the hard times, and let Me carry you through the good times. You deserve Me, beloveds. You deserve to have Me at your side. That’s where I am anyway, and yet it’s good to know you have Me, just the way you like to pat your pocket and know that your wallet is there. Or your cell phone.

Unlike your cell phone, I need no…

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Rhythms of the Night!


Crickets Singing.

In the warm evenings in the Fall of the year
The song of the crickets one always does hear
‘Tis the time of year when they do copulate
The dark male in song he does woo his dark mate.

From their homes in the walls they do venture out
And in search of a mate they go on hop about
From nightfall to daybreak they sing all night long
The voices of the crickets you cannot get wrong.

My wonder of Nature only seems to grow
So little about them I can claim to know
They sing out for love in the warm nights of the Fall
When they venture out from their homes in the wall

In shady dark places or in the moonlight
They sing out for love in the still of the night
Until the birds chirp in the gray of daybreak
The songs of…

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“How to Cast a Circle” ~ My Notes from Phyllis Curott & the “Modern Witch’s Masterclass via Hay House

The Sisters of the Fey

In her first free video, Phyllis will teach you how to start your day the Witch’s way through setting positive and grounded intentions for the day ahead. She’ll also share how to cast a circle—a fundamental Witchcraft practice—to help you open up your senses and connect with Mother Earth.”

Hay House

How do you cast a circle?

Phyllis suggests casting a circle each morning. She usually includes an offering, like birdseed. However, she does stress that you can cast your circle anywhere you feel most comfortable. Offerings are optional. After you’ve completed your circle, take note of how your day progressed. ❤

First, start by facing east. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. She holds up the birdseed and says, “Spirit of Air, may my mind be clear today.”

Then, scatter some of the bird seed.

Next, turn toward the south and say, “Spirit of…

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The Sisters of the Fey

As a part of the universe, we all collect energy. Some of these energy debris attach to us through our auras, especially when we encounter people who drain the absolute life out of us. I struggle with this anytime I come into contact with other people. As an empath, I suck up their emotions, to my own detriment. But, there’s a fix for that!

I believe it’s critical for everyone to learn how to protect their aura on a daily basis. If you’re empathetic, you are more susceptible and probably pick up other people’s energy.

Those blues you’re feeling might not belong to you! And all that political negativity, racism, and hatred wears me down! How about you?

What if you’re simply an intuitive person? If so, you’re picking up negative energy on a daily basis also. How do you deal with the energy drain?

First… please remember there are…

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Bleeding Hearts!


Bleeding Hearts.
I know a bleeding-heart plant that has thrived
for sixty years if not more, and has never
missed a spring without rising and spreading
itself into a grassy bush, with many small red
hearts dangling. Don’t you think that deserves
a little thought? The woman who planted it
has been gone for a long time, and everyone
who saw it in that time has also died or moved
away and so, like so many stories, this one can’t
get finished properly. Most things that are
important, have you noticed, lack a certain
neatness. More delicious, anyway is to
remember my grandmother’s pleasure when
the dissolve of winter was over and the green
knobs appeared and began to rise, and to cre-
ate their many hearts. One would say she was
a simple woman, made happy by simple
things. I think this was true. And more than
once, in…

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Translating Infinity

Koyopa Rising

My inner guidance over the years has been, “No need to concern yourself with detailed scientific explanations of your experiences with nonhuman intelligence. Just keep documenting it for a future time, about what this is like and how it changes you.” Frequency, resonance, and vibration deliver data from what feels like an infinite field of consciousness. And yes, I keep documenting it.

When I walked the Sacred Mayan Fire Path at the turn of the century, I learned that my Mayan birth tone and glyph is Jun Akabal (1-Bat). It seemed so perfect. This ancient science was telling me that my natural power and essence involved reunification and the navigation of life through sound. If anything, I relate because I am a singer and writer of songs. Still, while these words sound simple enough, I cannot tell you what a challenging path this has been to speak to others of…

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Wake Up, Beautiful Dreamer | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Of course, messages from on high are from your Higher Consciousness. What do you think I AM but that? Every single person on Earth has Higher Consciousness, for I am within every single person on Earth. God Within is not a new expression to you.

Do not mix up Consciousness with conscience. Consciousness is devoid of conscience. In regard to consciousness, there is no need of conscience or reason to have it. Consciousness is pure of itself. Yes, Consciousness grows. It expands. What a neat idea. Consciousness Itself is Infinite. You are not this or that. You are Consciousness, growing expanding Consciousness. You are always moving a step up. Somewhere within you, you move up a notch. Conscience is not what moves you up. Consciousness is.

The less you feel bad about yourself, the faster you grow. Do not let conscience be an ego-device to keep you moored…

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Take Yourselves to the Next Level ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have a certain appreciation for those of you who have decided to choose to experience more challenges for yourselves in this lifetime. As you look around on your planet, you can undoubtedly see those who chose an easier path with much fewer challenges, and you can see those who have chosen a very difficult path with many challenges. Of course, you have to have those two ends of the spectrum in a system of duality. These are choices. Some would look around and say, ‘That person has more karma than the other,’ but everything is a choice.

And those of you who have chosen more challenges and more difficult ones are doing the heavy lifting for the rest of humanity. You are breaking new ground with the level of desire that you access, and…

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