Lord Orion: The Light is Turning On

Sunny's Journal

Sunrise, photo by Eliza Ayres

Lord Orion: The Light is Turning On

Greetings! I AM Orion, Father of ‘Myka’, whom some of you have already encountered.

Today, I AM performing an experiment with my new scribe. This is not a channeling; we are attempting to communicate via telepathy with each other. You would consider this to be a ‘regular’ conversation like we have at Home or on board ship, except it is being recorded via a form of dictation, slowly so our scribe can type up the content for all of you who come to read these words, this message.

Now, we would like to forward our congratulations to the people of Terra who are participating in activities taking them to the street in opposition to their former governments. Draconian decrees do not a government of the people make.

The people see the lessening of their rights, their businesses closed…

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Eliza: Truth vs Untruth

Sunny's Journal

Looking into the Eagle Cap Wilderness from Mt. Howard, photo by Eliza Ayres

Eliza: Truth vs Untruth

The work is not to fight the dark, but to embody the Light. ~ Kerry K

This video from Kerry K is brilliant. Take a listen. Feel how you resonate to it…

What is your Truth?

In the video, Kerry speaks of ‘the illusion’. What is the illusion?

For that matter, in the video I posted yesterday, with the discussion between Michael Jaco and Alex Collier, Alex spoke of people being conditioned to want to be anything else but themselves.  Who conditioned them?  And why?  Why does anyone feel the need to be anyone but themselves? I have encountered people who feel they need to be someone else other than themselves due to a lingering sense of feeling unworthy, less than. This is someone who has accepted the illusion as being their truth…

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The Life of a Sailor is the Life for You, My Hearties! | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

It is Life you are embarking on. New life is assured. Old life is over. Yesterday never was. Today is here, and this is everyone’s New Day. Today is opening up itself to you right this minute and from now on.

Think of what a new day means. Every day you have a fresh start. You start afresh. Life is new today, and you are new. You have never had this day before. No reason for you to be blasé. If you want change, this is your day to allow change. Change is at your disposal. A Life of Change is before you. A Life of Chance is before you.

All it takes for change in your life to happen is for you to be open to change. Let go of prevention. Sit up. Off We go.

Today has something to tell you that no day has said…

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what if

Mystic Morning Blog

what if

our souls

in this realm of form

could talk with one another

I imagine they would have little to say

life when perceived from a separate point of view

becomes full of drama…

anger, love, desire, aversion, conquest, defeat, events, tragedies, knowing and not knowing, power and weakness

all of a sudden become possible

life when in complete unity has so little to say

that the unity does not already know

it seems to plant its seed in the soil of disharmony and separateness

and takes pleasure when unity blooms

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Unnecessary Amendment

Timeless Classics


Untruth is a reflex —
I allow, I understand
Why you’ve let the tendency
Get so out of hand

To lie to someone who has never
Given you the slightest grief
About the actions of your life —
I live in the firm belief

That each of us about ourselves
Individually know
Which path it is unique upon
Our seeking feet are meant to go

If you have other interests
If you don’t feel like stopping by
If you find you reluctant are
Somewhere to go — no need to lie

Inventing other errands
Or schedule inconvenient —
I never have judgmental been
Habitually lenient

When it comes, especially,
To the comfort of a friend —
Why would you feel, speaking to me
The truth you must amend?


Among us, poets are not paid. The poet/editor of this website, being physically disabled, lives at a fraction of her…

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Pleiadian Starships

Sunny's Journal

Pleiadian ships are actually gold in coloration!

Pleiadian Starships

Part One

Note to Reader: The topic for this article was suggested by a dedicated, long-time reader from Oz. I will dedicate at least one or more articles to this topic as it could fill a couple of chapters. By no means is this information comprehensive. I am also quite aware that my source material (written and vocal) is very different from what is ‘out there’ currently, mostly from (some questionable) Pleiadian and other sources. Realize that any material given through an Earth human is going to be filtered through their human ego consciousness. What doesn’t ‘fit’ the person’s interpretation or belief systems will be filtered out. This includes anything that I present, so take what resonates and makes ‘sense’ to you. Make use of your own critical thinking abilities, intuition, and do your own research! Those who blindly accept whatever…

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LIONSGATE 8;8/ 23:8: Riddle of The Sphinx: The Regulus Alchemist Connection:A Word of Caution


LIONSGATE 8;8/ 23:8: Riddle of The Sphinx: The Regulus Alchemist Connection:A Word of Caution

Art Credits Unknown,Gratitude to Artist Unknown

Lionsgate is The Powerful Portal that it is Because it provides unparalleled opportunity of Integration To Transcend Time and Space (the very special technology of the Pyramids mirroring Orion’s Belt / aka Osiris God of Rejuvenation and Resurrection) into Liberation,Freedom, Sovereignty and Higher Consciousness by the Ultimate Integration and Union of Polarity ..Matter and AntiMatter, Mind and Heart, Masculine and Feminine, Dark and Light, Royal King/ Queen Codes and Priestess/ Priest Codes , Starseed DNA and Human DNA, Potential and Realization,Past and Future…..and the Very LIONS guarding this Gateway are the Dark and Light Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow….

Image Credits Unknown n thanked

Through times immortal the Sphinx has served as the ultimate Riddle and Riddler:-Every Sacred Gateway/ Place was meant to be guarded by a Sphinx Like Being…

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