Seeing The World Through The Eyes Of Your Parts/Metasoul Aspects

Forgiveness as ritual. I thank Jonathan and you for your wisdom.

SoulFullHeart Experience

Note from Jelelle Awen: This is beautiful writing from Devon, who has been in sessions with me for the last few months. She describes wonderfully what it is like to connect with different aspects of yourself (the Inner Punisher and Gatekeeper esp.) and see/feel your world through their lens. You can viscerally feel the energies of these different aspects of her through the sharing of their experience and poetry too. Go here to read more about these parts/Metasoul aspects:

By Devon Heart Star

As I continue the process of parts work that I have dedicated myself to, during the holiday season, it has become clear that my Inner Punisher needs the most undivided attention and love from me, right now. The Inner Punisher is often a masculine energy and working with this part is similar to Shadow Work. This is not work for the faint of heart…

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Setting down the toys

Love's Beginning

I’m receiving this message at my mother’s bedside. It looks as though she will release the body experience soon, and it certainly helps to listen to this perspective on what the body is for and to keep my head on straight as I feel tempted to believe distressing thoughts down one road or another. I can’t get very far down these side roads (“We didn’t do enough” or “We should be doing something else”) before I’m pulled back onto the straight, calm and loving road.

You are not the body, but the body has a use. The body can be useful as a communication device dedicated to assisting divine beings of light into remembrance of who they are and what they have been doing. They have made a fictional physical world in which wrongdoing was possible, but wrongdoing has never been truly possible. They tarry in time while they feel…

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Honoring The Courage To Feel: A Gatekeeper’s Journey

SoulFullHeart Experience

Tender tears flow. This is the moment of feeling. Healing. Letting go and letting in. In recent weeks I have been connecting with another layer of my defenses, my protection, in the form of what we call the Gatekeeper. They are the holders and guardians of our soul story and soul pain. I have had several incarnations in my healing process and this latest one has been one that has been like the Wizard of my Oz. He was found in deep resistance to feminine intuition and guidance. It was a subtle energy that was very much closely connected to my waking consciousness. A cognitive dissonance arose in me and I began to feel a bit lost in what was me and what wasn’t.

As I began to commune with this energy more and receive space-holding from Jelelle and reflection from my beloved Kalayna, I could begin to feel a…

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Human Evolution II | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, the same as in life, Godwriting isn’t about filling in the blanks.

The world seems to like to use outlines to fill in. This is not the case for Me. Not God! Not I! I am spontaneous and extemporaneous. I am Infinite. I am also instant. This is how Godwriting occurs. It arrives as it arrives as it happens to. You are not usually offered a preview is what I mean. The stream of My heart flows to you and enters you This is a great blessing given to you on Earth, this gift of life. Avail yourself of it.

Godwriting arises as it arises. An instance of Godwriting may arrive in steps of installments. One word leads to another, one sentence to another, one paragraph to another and so on. You do not necessarily know what what an incipient Heavenletter is going to say before it…

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You are continuously and lovingly watched over by those in the spiritual realms.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Christmas Day

As humanity prepares for the grand awakening – and everyone on Earth at present is preparing, even if unaware of doing so – Christmas is an excellent time to report on the progress already made, and on what you can do to increase the power and intensity of the already made collective decision to awaken.  This will assist others, who are still deeply asleep, to feel or become aware of the nudges they have been receiving to move them forward toward awakening.

Truly, your awakening is to be an absolutely amazing and exhilarating event.  Nothing like it has ever before occurred on Planet Earth.  The vast majority of humans on Earth at present, even those who are spiritually inclined and are holding the intent to live loving and compassionate lives, have no idea that an awakening of such enormous significance is shortly to uplift…

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Human Evolution I | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, on October 23rd, 2018, Mike, deeply desirous of Godwriting, publicly wrote to Me, God, on the Heavenletter forum. Interestingly, Mike entitled his question:

Human Evolution:

Dear God, Mike wrote, I wish I could communicate with You directly.


Mike Wagner

I said:

Beloved Mike, you are not the only one seriously desirous to Godwrite who feels this way.

I, God, guarantee that you and everyone who seeks to hear Me, and perhaps a few who are not quite so eager to hear Me, will hear whispers from Me when you let it happen, when you get out of the way, when you don’t decide ahead of time that you must have fantastic Godwriting! Yes, you may even have quite ordinary Godwriting, what do you care?

I guarantee that you will get into the swing of Godwriting. Sit back and allow Godwriting to happen.

You are not the…

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Dark Knight of the Soul

2020 Spiritual Vision


If you’re currently in or recently survived a Dark Night, you know it’s worthy of capital letters.  It is a defining experience.  If it’s been a while, you can probably now refer to it as a, dark night (lower case) and might even see the humor/irony in this word play.  You also know that it was a passage and sacred experience.  It needed to happen and served a purpose.

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Letting Go Has Gotten Easier ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very excited about the way in which you all have been letting go of what no longer serves you in the recent weeks and months leading up to now. We have witnessed you all getting into a higher frequency state, and in so doing, becoming more aware of what is heavy for you. And then we can see you simply letting go, and we are very impressed with how easy it has become.

In your collective past, you would have seen something within you that held a lower vibration, and you would have held onto it with the belief that you needed to fix something within you. But truly it was the judgment that caused you to cling to something that no longer served you. However, now we can see the ease with…

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