LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – Deep Cellular Cleansings, Current Energies, Shifting Dimensions with Your Whole Body, – oscillating at Different Frequency Bandwidths – New Cosmic DNA Codes – 4-27-18

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Aloha BE-LOVE-d Light Family,

We’ve moved into deeeeeeeep cellular (and stellar) everything. This will include cleansings, re-writes and re-codings as we prepare for a massive expansion at some point. While very “quiet”, there is much going on in every way. Deep within the gridwork we go….

Some may notice “fluttering”, tears/emotions emerging for heart opening/cleansing…. the deeper we go, the more immense energetically this can become and this feels/looks like a really important one (not that they all aren’t), yet it feels/looks like a completion as we prepare to up-shift quite substantially over the next few days….

As each is able to get their own physical body’s vibration high enough, the LightBody, Crystals and Star Particles activate easier on their own. In our early days, these brought massive physical experiences, as our DNA began to transform/change and our bodies went through a massive cleansing process of…

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Full Moon In Scorpio Ignites Passions, Serves Purgings

SoulFullHeart Experience

by Kalayna Colibri

WOOOSH…. felt the full moon energies all day yesterday, with an up and down experience inside of myself which was incredibly UP in passion and passion-purpose desires and then also offered purgings of emotional tensions and fears coming UP with them! This is the whole package deal of Ascension. You’re invited to a huge party with lots of lights, excitement and even pure bliss, yet with the waters of love coming in with every invitation, the oil of fears and despair held by parts and Metasoul Aspects has to come out to make room for more.

It doesn’t feel possible to me to ignite your soul purpose work without being willing to feel what it is inside of you that DOESN’T want to serve love. Even if you choose to not feel into this question now, eventually it catches up to you and often in a reticence that…

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Here we gooooo


commitment unsind fixed snd

Here we gooooooo
The Full Moon is very soon upon us
Its intensity is already in the air..
You may have been feeling agitated, antsy, nervous, impatient and emotional
Hold on
The show is about to begin
Take a moment today to use the potent Energy to clean and clear away from your Life,from your Being, from your Energy
All that is blocking you
Release all thoughts about the past, about hurts, self doubts, worries for the future etc
ALL of it
Let it Gooooooooooo
Light a candle
Breathe deeply
Find your center
Connect with your Higher Self
And with the Divine
Ask for Assistance to Release
All that is not not aligned with
with your Higher Good
Devote yourself
To considering what you think you should Release in order to be your Shining Brilliant self
Focus your Intentions on so doing
Clean your physical space
If you…

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My Personal “Light Bulb” Moment by Denise Sierra | Rainbow Wave of Light

Rainbow Wave of Light

Recently the administrator of a spiritual Facebook group I’m a member of posted a request to members. In it, she indicated an exciting project her and her hubby were developing. They were putting together a video of people saying ‘AHA!’ in relation to that ‘light bulb’ moment they had in life.

Well upon reading this request, I was stumped. Light bulb moment, yes I understood the idea, but could not remember this happening to myself. It seemed to me that spiritual searching and questioning were always a part of my life. So, I set the request aside hoping something would come up for me. Well this morning it did, but as far as video taping that moment, well I don’t believe I can. Let me explain.

I was born into a family were one parent, my Mom, was your basic christian (a Lutheran) and the other parent, my Dad, probably wasn’t…

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Message from the Pleiadian Collective, Ashtar, Sananda – 4-29-18

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Pleiadian Collective, Ashtar, Sananda 4/29/18

Greetings and warm hellos to humanity this day, this precious now moment. We are the Pleiadian Collective, summoned here today to speak with you on behalf of the others. Our message is one of light, of peace, of unity consciousness and of renewal. For much is happening in the hidden recesses of your world that need not be mentioned at this time, for they are disturbing and must remain in secret for awhile. We are here in full force and in our full support of humanity, shielding you, protecting and guiding when asked. We are polite and only assist when asked for we much respect and acknowledge and uphold / honor your free well as a species, for this is of utmost importance.

Thanks to

We respect your freedom, while others have not, and thus, the quandary. For free will is…

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ANGELIC GUIDES via Taryn Crimi – The Key To Changing Absolutely Anything – 4-27-18

Higher Density Blog

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of change. So many of you wish for change; change in financial situations, change in relationships, change in health, and yet we watch as so many continually recreate the very same experiences over and over again.

Yes, the set up might appear different, another year has passed, the people might be different but overall not much changes for so many. This is what we would like to further expand up on so that you may understand why this happens so often.

Courtesy of

When you understand how the physical manifestation of anything happens you will understand how to create anything you desire. You all have heard that if you want change then you must change your habits. But we are not speaking about changing the actions that you take throughout your day. Oh this will…

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Ascension Symptoms For Pets and Animals ~ April 27, 2018

Rose Rambles...

By Meashenu,
Guest writer,

The animal kingdom is going through the ascension process too! Knowing what some of their ascension symptoms are can help you better assist them through the process. The more of us that can become aware of this and help out, the better care can be provided for our animal friends.

Ascension Symptoms For Pets And Animals

  • Mouth/Teeth & Bladder are the most sensitive areas and can first signs of ascension symptoms & shifting of energies
  • Fatigue / Exhaustion
  • Increase in drinking in water
  • Changes in diet, likes and dislikes
  • Excess shedding
  • Stages of spending a lot of time alone, to being needy and wanting lots of attention

Just like us, there may be unique symptoms that pop up per individual pet or animal. For us, a lot of us are experiencing that our physical energy is being drained or pulled from in order to…

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Please Give Me You, God | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, you desire Me and inner peace with all your might. Yet, again and again, you find yourself sheathed in tension, you, dear one, who calls out for peace. You would give anything for the peace of God. It doesn’t seem to matter how much you desire and defend peace. You cry out that you may have somehow chased the peace of Oneness away, yet how can it be that you could put your hand in Mine and alight on separateness? I bless your hand.

You may say to yourself often enough:

“What on Earth is the matter with me? I desire the Peace of God, yet why do I not receive Your Peace? I seek You, God, and You alone. I want You, God. It’s You I crave.”

“If loneliness from You is something I bring on myself, what do I do to others? What rashes within…

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