sowing seeds while they sleep

Mystic Morning Blog

arms laden

with a bursting sack of seeds

wandering among those

who dream

simple seeds

of a future unfolding

in peace, calm and harmony

seeds that grow among soils of darkness and troubles

when spring arises

the sun rises high

seed planted carefully within

tend it with all the love you can muster

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LISA RENEE: “Who Is the Original Lucifer?”

Ascension Avatar

“The original use of the title Lucifer originates from the collective races that are from the Nibiruian lines of the Annunaki races that further merged with the Thoth-Enki Annunaki and Fallen Seraphim races. Thoth groups formed strategic alliances using the popular moniker of the Galactic Federation, making contact with selected members of the cabal, government and Illuminati Bloodlines, who then started to widely infiltrate the secret societies (Free Masons, Knights Templar) and the spiritual communities. Many popular spiritual energy healing systems have been infiltrated by the Galactic Federation in order to track and tag participants for astral implants in the New Age population. The New Age movement, which includes Channeling information from an assortment of supposed Ascended Masters, is primarily dominated by the Luciferian Sirius A groups using the affiliation with the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command as their most common signature. A comprehensive multiple pronged militarized approach was organized…

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Creation needs the True You


We are within the full moon energy.
This is a very potent full moon, very liberating.
There is a mixed bag of the lightness of release and yet feeling emotional. The Universe is chipping in to help you release the old and move onto the new higher vibration and yet there seems to be something you feel, a longing to a part of you that you’re not sure you totally want to leave behind.
That’s ok.
Take a good honest look at what that might be. Explore with your senses and see what really filled an important part of your soul. Some interest, occupation, situation etc that you may have felt you need to release, but there may be a certain aspect of it that can be modified or transformed for you to take it with you into your new chapter.
Or it can also be something that represented an…

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Soulsoothinsounds's Blog


art by Maria Chambers

In 2009 I lost a significant person in my life.  It was a tumultuous relationship, with highs and lows.  I knew I had to begin distancing myself from him because he was disrespecting me, and the relationship was no longer serving me. The more 
I began to see it as a reflection of my own disrespect for myself, it became essential to release him from my life.

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dream of the soul

Mystic Morning Blog

to finally be

in this life time

let me out

let me be

let me dance

let me see

let me laugh

I carry within the wisdom of time

sweet loving kindness is that which flows through me

I create

I heal

I hold and console

I give

I share

I am in harmony with all that is

I come from seed

and grow through your will

Only you can give me life

I bring joy, peace and happiness

if you let me

Oh dear gardeners of the world

care for me and I will care for you

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An Individual in Oneness

Living Light

As the soul emerges out of the dimensionality of lack and into the dimensionality of abundant life, it advances within the Sphere of Oneness. Within this dimension the self experiences its I Am Presence as Life’s eternal expansion.

The Life in Truth is birthed into reality through the trifold union of the Sphere of Oneness, the soul, and the self. The Sphere of Oneness enfolds all of Life, reflecting the fullness of Truth. It’s the timeless Mighty I Am Presence prior to any expression, containing all divine potentials to be expressed. From its genesis, the soul resides within this sphere, for it can’t be separate from its Source. The soul is a living gate connecting the timeless perfection within the Sphere of Oneness with the realm of creation, transducing the uncreated into the created. The self is the individualized soul’s reflection of the I Am Presence made visible.


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Mystic Morning Blog

the minds of parents often leave imprints on the minds of their children

expectations of how one should be

some parents will rationalize their expectations of others by framing them as expressions of love

when one projects expectations onto another

when one declares what another “should do”

it is framed from one perspective

there is a sense where one believes they have a “knowing” of what is best for another

a perspective that originates in a sense of self

often an egoic self

the recipient also has a sense of self

and may be open to hearing and following the expectations of others

or have their own perceptions of what should be

a delicate balance for a parent in adolescence

often weighed with the insight that it is important to allow a child to fail

how the expectations are communicated are important

some parents will resist offering expectations as they…

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