The benevolent wind of transformation

Love's Beginning

By allowing in something that doesn’t make sense to the ego, you agree to allow ego’s foundations to be exposed and to erode. Ego is all about what a person can make happen through the person’s own intention. “I want to build a house. I will build a house. I did it.” It is about what seems to be done separately because of separate wills.

There is one shared will, totally incomprehensible to the ego. The ego is all about separate doing. Our shared will is divine will, and you can open the door to that shared will at any time. If you feel that you do not know how to open the door to allow our shared will to flow through you, simply state your willingness at any point during which you feel contraction or tension: “I am willing to open the door to allow our shared will to…

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Downloads: Bridging between Worlds

Koyopa Rising

I’ve been receiving more data for those who are consciously transcending this limited context of reality – the seeds and light warriors who have boots on the ground and are helping many others rise to do the same. As we move closer into the actualization or embodiment of our original multidimensional design, my inner-data shows me that many of us will cross into this new higher-vibrational orientation in “not-too-distant times.” Those who are returning to another cycle of contraction will remain unaware of the split between worlds.

Some of the things I cover: Consciously navigating into a greater way of being. It’s okay to not know; to be uncertain in the “thinking” mind. A simple equation of how the mind-control of media works. Overcoming the fear-trauma that cannot be carried across the threshold into greater consciousness. Using dreams as a tool to integrate pieces of our hidden aspects of self…

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It’s safe to wake up

Love's Beginning

It is important to choose between dreams and Reality. Whenever we speak to you, we are always going to remind you about the importance of the seeming points in time when you experience disturbance and disquiet because they are such moments of opportunity.  In those moments, there is your proof that you are choosing a dream, that you have been choosing a dream.

Disquiet, lack of peace, has nothing to do with what truly exists. If you are experiencing what does not truly exist, you are experiencing it in an illusion, and you are experiencing it because it is your choice. It is important to realize the choice you make so you can access your power–not relative power within an illusion–true power. True power is shared by all equally and is never corrupting or corruptible.

Anything that brings up disturbance within you is your own bad dream and is cleared…

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Embracing Our Vulnerability

Reflections of Riverman

Embracing Our Vulnerability


Yesterday morning I prepared a talk for my usual Friday morning Presence Of Light gathering here on Humanity Healing with the title Remember – Trust – Receive.

However there was an issue over my computer camera not being available through Google Chrome, so I did it live from my cellphone on my own facebook page.

So my plans were greatly interrupted by events of which I had no foresight.

As I speak today I’m feeling that the message of yesterday and all that transpired should be represented in Our message for today.

I will weave it all for you now…

First of all we need to remember who we are. Not just as a physical body but deeper as Divine Beings of Light and Love.

In the physical We began our human lives in a liquid state, which then developed into these bodies with a heartbeat and…

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The light we are dissolves what isn’t

Love's Beginning

You can do anything you want to do. How does that feel? Do you believe it?

If you don’t believe it, what seems to stand in your way? Is it perception you’ve adopted because of the evidence the world you’ve made through illusion seems to show you? We suggest to you that the illusion you made is actually a very shaky source of information.

Remember that perception precedes experience, including the experience of your ability in one area or another. When you want to clear perception, you can. This is one of those ask-and-it-is-given things. When you want clear perception more than you want the perceived stability or comfort of the illusion of limits you have made, you will receive clear perception.

We invite you to notice when you place value upon limited perception today–when you focus on form above what you and all others are, above trusting and knowing…

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40 days and 40 Nights of Venus/ Inanna Metamorphosis


Screenshot_20200513-230928~240 days and 40 Nights of Venus/ Inanna Metamorphosis

Venus/ Inanna on the final leg of her Shamanic Journey of 19 months Now goes retrograde ( May 13) for 40 days and 40 Nights …She Enters this Retrograde Radiant in her Regal Goddess Power and Brightest Light as Evening Star /Queen of Heaven and Earth as the Libra MetaGoddess Archetype and will emerge at the other end as The Morning Star of The Gemini MetaGoddess Archetype…

Hence 40 days and 40 Nights of Metamorphosis or Shape Shifting/ of initiations and tests and trials….much like the Covid Portal we are currently traversing….where we take the lessons , learnings ,wisdom of one Archetype/ Time spirals …amalgamate them/ revise them/ review them and plug in the loopholes so that we carry within our Energy Fields the Highest Summarized Version of what this Archetype ( Libra MetaGoddess/ Timespiral ( right from Lemurian times till…

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Stop and choose

Love's Beginning

Anytime you are taking anything on the level of form seriously, you are confused. This may seem like extreme advice, but it is extreme advice that you are ready to hear. Knowing that you are confused, you can give the entirety of the world, which is only a confused projection of a confused mind, a break. Do not look to the world for answers. Simply go within and find your willingness to have confusion undone. It is always done for you when you give the go-ahead, and it is never anything you have to do.

When you notice that you have become serious, heavy, withdrawn, tense, controlling, or judgmental, you are allowing illusion to instruct you about Reality, which it cannot do. Illusion is a terrible dictator, but if you allow all to be mastered by the Divine, then all share in the unity of its mastery. All the gifts…

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