Release the density



Here is the deal
If you have gone through a very challenging experienced brought on by the energy of this Full Moon
You are not alone
This has occured for a sacred purpose
Of clearing more of what no longer serves you, so you can make more room for more of who you truly Are.
You may want to save the image of this card to guide you in these situations.
It is crucial you let go of the density of this experience, for it in itself carries what you needed to release.
Holding onto it will only recreate the same energy.
Forgive all those involved including yourself
This is a huge part of the true release
Without which you are still clinging to the same energy that needs to leave your life.
Do anything you can to distract yourself from thinking about it
Rest and pamper yourself
Show yourself…

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Adventure in Sedona, AZ (Part 1)

The Lightning Path

I am in the middle of moving to the East Coast, and I just had to stop in Sedona, Arizona on the way there. I have several New Age friends that had been to Sedona or had actually lived there. The best and only information I got was that it was metaphysically special. Aside from the stereotypical crystal shops and psychic readers, various parts of Sedona have energy vortexes. It is said that Sedona is a very picturesque area of the Arizona desert, and the vortexes are surrounding the town. You have to be willing to hike up to each one (weather permitting).

As of this writing, I just ended my first day of my visit. It is hot and dry, but not as much as Southern California or the Mojave Desert at this time of year. I went from 107 degrees in Needles, CA, to a steady drop…

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Emma Deva

Our theme for this week is prosperity Yesterday, I suggested that you consider digging a little deeper into what prosperity and wealth means to you and to consider your values.

When I was younger, I thought that prosperity and wealth was all about the big house, the nice car, the landscaped property, you know … it was all about the stuff. Then, I suddenly had the stuff – car, home, jewelry, travel – and just as suddenly it was gone. I didn’t miss the stuff … I missed the freedom. For me, that was and still is the value of prosperity. Freedom.

For you, it may be something entirely different.

Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a lack of money or things. ~ Eric Butterworth

Abundance, prosperity, wealth … whatever you…

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Understand that the churches, leaders, and governments have agendas they have been working on for centuries. Now they have control of your mind, especially with the media. They are staging great events and turbulence around the world as a distraction, particularly in respect of other humans. The church Notre Dame was baked with high electromagnetic radiation. The way it combusted was a particle beam of high technology but the people from the church had time to remove belongings. There are parts of your government and beyond that have great technology and weaponry.

Nothing has stood still, they are working with very advanced technologies and extraterrestrials. The world has been controlled and dominated by aliens who have been studying you to rule and control you as a form of study. That is not what you’re designed to be here for. A few of you have been contacted and your minds are…

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Personal Power



What a momentum
A moment of choosing your personal power
No matter what you are facing
No matter how difficult it may seem
No matter who or what your dealing with
There is always
In your center lies your power
Take back your energy within
No matter what goes on around you
Deep within is a calm collected being of Light
Directly connected to the Divine
There is knowing
There is Grace
There is serenity
There is love
There is joy
And above all
There is a knowing of who you are
If others around you move away from their own state of knowing
There is no reason for you to absorb lower energy
And certainly no reason for you to move away from your own state of knowing
Your own Soul
Remain centered
Remain calm
Remain detached
Dont let anyone pull you into their chaos

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What Do You Talk About? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

When you feel ache in your heart, did someone else put it there? Do you really think that’s possible? Outside events and people influence you, certainly, but must they to the extent they do? Must your life rise and fall according to what someone says to you or what comes in the mail? Must every event in life put a stamp on you, as if you were no more than a package at the post office?

You are a sovereign Being of Light. Your light is laser-like and can cut through anything. Despite what goes on around you, you are light. Keep that knowledge, and how dismayed can you be by an irrelevancy of the world?

You must think you are dependent upon what transpires around you. You must think you play the triangles in an orchestra and have to wait for signals from the conductor before you…

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Finding the Answer: Cat’s Angel Message for April 22, 2019

The Desert Path

daily Angel Message sms

Finding the Answer: Cat’s Angel Message for April 22, 2019

April Theme: We are being challenged to change ourselves. You have the power to make things happen and the Universe is on your side.

We learn more by looking for the answerto a question and not finding itthan we do from learning the answer itself.– Lloyd Alexander

422:  Everyday we are made aware of the bad things happening around us thanks to newspapers, social media and television. After being bombarded with this ongoing negativity it can be difficult to see the good in humanity. But the truth is that the GOOD is there and  sometimes we just need to look more closely to find it. This is also true in our own lives because we sometimes get so caught up in the bad that we forget to see the good.  More and more of our fellow human…

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Wake Up to Nature And To Ourselves

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Wake up to Nature.

Wake up and savour the beauties that abound,

Wake up and honour all life that is around.

We take you for granted, even the air we breathe

Take time to look at the blossoms on the trees


Look deep into a flower and see the wonders there

Take time to stop and listen to birds in the air..

Watch the glistening water, ripple over stones

Be thankful for the morning, these gifts and our homes


We take Nature for granted, as she bestows these gifts for free

It’s up to us to look after her, for she’s there for you and me.

What if one day you awoke, and the air you breathed were black?

What happens if nature decides she is fighting back


And no longer shall the bees pollinate the crops

And no longer will the rain give you those pure…

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