Sonnet: There Were Angels There

Timeless Classics


In all our works of art, through all of time
Everywhere this great world of ours upon,
We find signs of a Mystery sublime
Well worth our present meditation on

We find it in the painted records left
Of all the revelations ever known,
No matter the God-warp or Goddess-weft
To which each teaching afterward hath grown

We see it in the frescoes, murals, in
The statuary, each illumined book,
Every one to the others close akin —
We find it, simply, everywhere we look

No matter when it was, no matter where,
Without exception, there were angels there


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Get Out of Your Own Way

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

“Release Your Guilt About Universal Shoulds” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for Life Tapestry

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Dear Ones,

You have completed so many phases of this transition. Yet, you hesitate to move forward with an important step.

You are no longer of 3D, nor is your earth. You are in a different place in a different time than when you were of 3D. But you wait for the permission to move beyond clearing, to live within your inner power.

Even though such is probably to be expected, given you were so enmeshed in 3D limitations, that is no longer your…

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An unexpected gift


Something may occur that may bring up a big chunk of your past
This may open up an old box of pain and/or nostalgia.
Try to resist being totally swept away by emotions and look at it straight in the eye to see it’s message.
It is here to remind you where you’ve been, how far you’ve come and how this does not align with who you have become and where you’re going.
If it has opened a can of worms you thought was closed a long time ago, it has come to show you that you may have closed it shut, but you were logging it around with you wherever you went. It has come to make you realize that and instigate a deep cleanse and thorough total release.
Be brave 
Move through the emotions it brings up
Be incredibly honest with yourself
See what it represented for you

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