no self

Mystic Morning Blog

the ultimate goal of the buddhists of every lineage

the ultimate goal of the wise indigenous peoples

the ultimate goal of the desert fathers

the ultimate goal of the advaita gurus

the ultimate goal of the mystics of all traditions

to look within and no longer see a self

but a glorious temple completely swept clean of self

a pure awareness

on bended kneed

entirely surrendered to the will of loving kindness

that seed of divinity within

that has been allowed to grow

with constant attention and love

now begins to

bloom and grow forever

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New Sun Day: The Mother Awakens

Koyopa Rising

Life is so good. It’s the synchronicities, the joy, the magic that is unfolding now. The transmissions showed me all of this. And because I had no context for it at the time, every bit of it got filed away. The decades of journaling the visitations, downloads, lucid dreams, and a reduction of multi-dimensions to the page, eventually turned into audio files. And yet, everything I was shown inside this field of light has come to pass. All I did was face my fears, make them conscious through a practice that the visitors showed me, and slowly, the fear of this enormous Presence awakening within my body-consciousness was gone.

It began transmitting to me. It’s like music, a song that was mostly inaudible and invisible to the world. I complained bitterly about being given so much understanding and bliss, with no way of explaining it and very few humans to…

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Words of celebration

Love's Beginning

Pay attention to any sense of threat that arises during the day. Can you catch it before it becomes anything specific, meaningful, or believable? That sense of threat is the indicator that you are attached to the idea that all of the seeming threats within this illusion are real. Question the reality of all of the seeming threats within the illusion. Ask to be shown what is prior to all sense of threat. The sense of threat is the foundation of the perception of separate selves.

Look upon this for a moment. Look at the belief that the perceived-as-separate selves are real. Look upon the belief that the perceived-as-separate selves can be harmed by aspects of the illusion that are also real. Allow your belief that perceived-as-separate selves are real to sit in the light. Gaze upon your belief that perceived-as-separate selves can do harm. Look upon your belief that…

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Another chance for peace


These days you may have an exquisite opportunity to reconcile with your past.
You will have to move through your emotions and not block or bypass them
For they are your gateway to freedom. 
You may have thought things were healed and done but the mere presence of some difficulty may show what is still stuck for you. Stay present in this experience and flow with trust this is for your benefit. Somehow you will get to see your perception soften with more understanding, compassion and forgiveness for others as for yourself. 
Something within you will be able to let go more and see how holding onto this has been blocking your life and deterring you from the evolution of your true self. 
It is time to say goodbye to the past and what has been holding you back. It is time to see there has been beauty 
As well as difficult lessons…

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Where God Is | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Write Me into your schedule. When you make an appointment with the dentist, write Me in too, for I will accompany you. You do not need to check with Me. I will be there. I don’t miss appointments. Write Me in your calendar so you will remember that I am with you.

When you go dancing, I dance with you. When you climb a mountain, I climb with you.

If you eat alone in a restaurant, I sit beside you. I keep you company. I help you digest.

A difference between Us, beloveds, is that I enjoy everything We do, and you do not always. You too often forget where you are and Whom you are with.

There is nowhere you can go that I do not accompany you. I am full-steam ahead with love and joy in your company. I wouldn’t miss being with you for anything…

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Special Encounter


We are within the energy of a very important portal of 10.10
We are in the last trimester of the year
And also currently within mercury retrograde. 
Though this has been an ongoing theme for a while, at the moment this may be further accentuated. 
You may be experiencing dreams and/or visions in which you get to review your life and see all kinds of situations that did not work out for you. 
Interactions in which you may have felt you gave your all whole heartedly and yet others could not respond the same and perhaps some situations in which you yourself might not have acted in ways you would expect of yourself. 
All these were to teach you lessons and bring you back to alignment with the truth of your creation, with your true self. 
Bit by bit as you work out these pieces of your puzzle and what…

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Releasing the mind frenzy, allowing the divine

Love's Beginning

We wish to speak about frenzy in the mind. At times you can become aware of a frenzy in the mind, like an agitated program running. At this point, you will be tempted to call your separate self crazy. You’re right. All the separate selves were originally made of the stuff of insanity, but don’t stop there. Any separate self is not a Real Self. The Real Self, shared by all, is entirely sane. Rely upon this. Rely upon your brother’s sanity, and you rely upon your own.

When you look upon the frenzy, you’re looking at the agitation, the intent to keep oneself separate from one’s Creator, the insane drive to try to keep proving this separation is real. You believe that without this separation, you would die, and you’re right in the sense that all characters have temporary uses.

Characters can be used by the divine to assist…

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THE WAVES OF CHANGE – Time of Transition (Bernhard Guenther & Laura Matsue)

Forever Unlimited

Time of Transition (Bernhard Guenther & Laura Matsue), [03.10.21 23:34]


Whatever is happening NEEDS to happen. It couldn’t even be any other way. Even the plandemic and dark forces’ agenda that is unfolding is being used as part of the “Divine Plan.” For even the Divine is in “evil”; as paradoxically, contradictory or illogical as it may sound for our little mind (caught in linear binary thinking) which cannot possibly comprehend what is unfolding and what the true meaning/purpose is behind these events right now; for none of us can see with the “eyes of the Divine”. So, it’s also about embracing the unknown.

The wave of change is on its way. Everyone will be “forced” to ride the wave eventually after more and more of the “old” will be destroyed and washed away—including outdated dogmatic belief systems. This is not just an external event…

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Our diabolical antagonist traits activated with this New Moon in Libra

Sandeep Virdi

This powerful new Moon in Libra at 13°24 minutes on 6 October at 10:04pm AEST, with Sun and Mars by its side activates strong subconscious, repressed and hidden unresolved emotions. It is no ordinary new Moon, where we can disguise our emotional turmoil and show up as we want to be seen. It is a cosmic alignment which boils our unexpressed, desperate needs to a heighten state, unleashing our emotions aggressively. Each of us will experience a side of our psyche which requires expression from what has been deeply buried, pushed away, ignored and yet attempts to haunt us. Especially in those quiet moments of our days, when we begin to awaken to our own dispositions of what still requires healing, or voiced, and expressed.

It is not an easy week. Even if we’ve developed a strong spiritual practice, or have affirmations assisting us to rise to our best. This…

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