A foretold unity

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when I ponder this

I sense that although it seems still far off

it is completely achievable

when a solitary gardener learns what they need to do to help a plant thrive

it is by trial and error

advice from a neighbour can be so helpful

when all neighbours gather, their common knowledge rises to the surface

their advice always points to optimizing conditions which allow the plant to naturally thrive

the seed is predisposed to grow, so it only requires the right conditions to be fruitful

the growth of our true selves is no different

there are conditions which accelerate the dissolution of the imagined self

and there are conditions which accelerate the rising of the true self

the knowledge spreads from one to another only when the results are witnessed from direct experience

among realized selves there is no longer any perceived separation

this is completely achievable

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We are limitless, we are infinite


These days the energies are very intense

Much of our shadow is surfacing on a personal and collective level

There are also energies that are pushing to nourish low vibe tendencies

Therefore it is imperative at this time to pay close attention, to discern what energy within you are you nurturing and not give into temptations of any kind of negativity even if you feel it is ‘justified’.

For example nurturing anger and/or hate for whoever you perceive as a ‘villain’ whether it be in your personal life, a character in a movie, or a person in the global scene, is very toxic to your own energy and to what you transmit onwards into our shared world.

It is counterproductive to the peace we all wish to experience and create.

At this time in which we are to build anew on better values

We must be fully aware of our…

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Your En-masse Final Exam

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry Creations.com.

“Enough is Enough” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestryCreations.com.

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Dear Ones,

Instead of feeling hopeful, you likely feel heavy and burdened. Unnecessary feelings because we, of the Universes, know the result of these current earth events. But then, our knowledge does not necessarily help you through these troubled times.

Your outer-directed activities were eliminated or dramatically shifted because of Covid. Now that Covid fears are reduced, you are affected by European events and finances.

We prophesized that your personal and earth structures would fail only to re-emerge in a more loving framework. But now that you are enmeshed in that…

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Things are not as they seem..


Once again

Chaos abounds

Once again

This is exactly where

Certain energies

Wish to get you to

To destabilize you

And distract you

From the truth


From your higher path

Much like a thief

Who comes and creates havoc

In one point

So he can distract you

And do his mischief

Undetected at another point

All is not as it seems

The media

Is working hard

To portray

An illusion

To create panic

And distract you

From the truth

This is not the first time..

The truth is

Efforts are being made

To counteract

And uproot longheld evil in the world

These efforts have been going on

Behind the scenes

For a while


We are approaching

The round up and closing of this cycle

And some actions will be done

In ways to expose more of the hidden evil


No.. Everything is not how it seems


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