Pure essentials


As we await impatiently for change in our physical experience, we must understand the process we are going through.
We are clearing so much of the old that does not align with our highest good, that does not align with the true essence of our creation, love.
We have entered a process in which evil and destruction is being rebuked.
There is a collective energy of chaos, confusion and anxiety as all we have known to be true flips and changes. Within this transformational phase we are all, each and every one of us is also undergoing a personal clearing process, in which much of our former preoccupations have been taken away from us so that we can be more still and look more within.
For those of us who heed the call with bravery and gentleness, as we surrender our frustration and Allow Divine Guidance to enter, we are…

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The beginning of love…


    The beginning of love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image. If in loving them we do not love what they are, but only their potential likeness to ourselves, then we do not love them: we only love the reflection of ourselves we find in them.

    • Thomas Merton

            Text and image source: Mystic Path to Cosmic Consciousness https://www.facebook.com/143005819116554/posts/3707200299363737/

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            As silent contemplation progresses,

            One could experience the dissolution of mind at times

            Just be there…

            Even when mind starts to arise,

            Just observe

            Just be there…

            Like a bubble arising from ocean,

            The mind will burst out and dissolve without rising up high

            There is nothing to earn

            There is nothing to lose

            There is nothing to give

            There is nothing to take

            Just experience the fulfilment of being

            Sit in this beautiful natural experience of bliss

            It doesn’t matter if it is for few seconds or for hours

            Just be in this, just be…

            It is the purest of all joys

            Which no materials other than one’s self could provide

            We don’t need anyone or anything other than us to experience it

            As it is the natural, ever present experience

            Which could be experienced whenever mind dissolves

            Practice silence of words, practice observing thoughts

            Just observe…

            With practice…

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            Staying or Going – New ground

            Coming Home

            Does your soul want to be here? Can the power of your Divine essence hold and stay in this body, now?

            I no longer “do” energy forecasts, nor do I write much about how I perceive collective shifts *but* at this time people are leaving their body- and not always in alignment with their highest choosing, – though of course there is always perfection at one level.

            There has been a big wave in the last day or two. I suddenly lost a very, very Beloved soul brother and I hear of a number feeling really unsettled and literally pulled out of body. For my own self, I had an immensely intense direct experience in my own consciousness that has changed me indelibly and so I feel moved to remind all of us – who may be at the forefront of anchoring new light levels – to really focus on…

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            In the End, Why Extraterrestrials Appear in our Version of Reality

            Koyopa Rising

            What we’ve been living within is an illusion, shared stories, and agreed-upon ideas of what life is. It is a managed environment of limited data. We were conditioned to forget that we are unlimited. In the end, it’s the reason why what we have referred to as ETs or angels, are reaching to us. They ask that you do not waste energy in defining them within the illusion of the given language and story. What is crucial now, is that we know who we are. Because in knowing ourselves, we reconnect with our inner technology and the Field. And it is through the Field that we know “them.”

            Let’s face it, we’ve all been played. Though I urge you not to get stuck in the anger stage. We have the power to change this now. All of it. This is the end. This is the beginning again. It’s why ETs…

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            Mind to Heart


            Oh my heart, let me end this game ASAP

            I feel it boring, very much boring,

            Still holding meaningless expectations

            From illusions pondering them as if real

            Even after knowing them as unreal.

            Let me throw away this untrue feeling of weakness

            Let me dissolve in the truth of my being

            At this moment, this very moment.

            Let me breathe the fragrance of silence,

            And dive deep in heart and meet my beloved

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            Vidya Dhanam Sarva Dhanath Pradhanam



            “Na chora haryam na cha raja haryam
            Na bhratu bhajyam na cha bharakari
            Vyaye krute vardhatha eva nityaam
            Vidya dhanam sarva dhanath pradhanam”

            Thief cannot steal it. No higher authority can abduct it. It is not divided between siblings. It is not heavy to carry. When you spend or share it, it always increases. Knowledge is the best and important wealth among all wealths.

            “Vidya dadathi vinayam
            Vinayam dadathi paatrathaam
            Paatrathva dhanamaapnothi
            Dhanaath dharmam tatatsukham”

            Knowledge gives you humility. Humility gives you character. From character, wealth is earned. From wealth, you get righteousness. In righteousness, you feel well being.

            Happy Vijayadashami dear all. Acquire knowledge. There is no age limit for acquiring knowledge. One can learn anything at any age. By applying the knowledge and sharing it with others, the knowledge improves and increases. It is the only wealth which increases as we spend and share among others. Knowledge gives…

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            Equinox+Sun Venus Conjunct= Resurrection & Coronation of The Divine Feminine Kundalini/ Serpent Energies


            Equinox+Sun Venus Conjunct= Resurrection & Coronation of The Divine Feminine Kundalini/ Serpent Energies

            Artist A. Andrew Gonzalez

            In a few hours from now, when the Sun crosses over the Equator at Zero Degree Aries bringing into Balance the Forces of Light and Dark, it will be accompanied by another invisible force …..the Keeper of the Powerful Wisdom of 22 petaled Blue Rose , the Source Power of Creation Wisdom of the 12 Lemurian Tribes/ Priestesses/priests, the Original blueprint of the Rose Lineage Priestesses….the Ultimate Divine Feminine Archetype of Love, Sexuality, Pleasure, Healing, Intuition and Wisdom…..VENUS/ Inanna/ Ishtar!!!!

            Inanna , Gratitude to Artist Lily Moses

            Equinox / Ostara is considered to be The Sacred Pause when Polarities of Dark and Light, Day and Night, Masculine and Feminine, Within and Without ,Expansion / Manifestation and Contraction/ Dissolving ,Giving and Receiving, Heaven and Earth , reach a delicate , precarious and momentary equilibrium…

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            Venus Star Point Aries; Alchemy of Transfiguration, Resurrection and Coronation of The Goddess Head


            Venus Star Point Aries; Alchemy of Transfiguration, Resurrection and Coronation of The Goddess Head

            gratitude to artist unknown

            The Venus Gemini Metagoddess cycle of 2012 began a 8 year cycle of “awakening “ within us the Principle of the Divine Feminine. It was a journey of awakening to the chains of old conditionings , repeated patterns and distortions that kept us tethered within a circle of disempowerment, unworthiness, unaware or distrustful of our own power ie Victimhood. It initiated a journey of witnessing, facing and acknowledging our stifling existence caused by the suffocating vice like grip of powerless till we were pushed to the brink , with our backs against the wall with no option but to pick up our swords of courage (albeit with trembling hands), take ownership of our situation and facing every limiting belief of ourselves with the fierceness , determination and conviction of a lioness cornered…so…

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