Goddess Kalratri/ Maha Kali ;The Route To Liberation and Enlightenment


Goddess Kalratri/ Maha Kali ;The Route To Liberation and Enlightenment

Kundalini Rainbow Bridge of Durga/ Sekhmet- Kali reaches Gate 7At Crown Chakra

On the 7th day of Navratri we honour the fiercest form of Maa Durga..born from her 3rd Eye to vanquish the demons/ darkness of ignorance…….A Fierce Form …The Dark Goddess known as Kalratri. Kal in Tantra means both Time and Darkness. Hence Kalratri (same energy associated with the Destructive Forces of Kali, Mahakali, Chamunda, Chandi and Durga) is the Feminine Keeper of Time, Dark Goddess of The Night/ Darkness. And she is associated with the Crown Chakra/ Sahasrara chakra…the route to Liberation from the never ending loop of Birth and Death and thus the pathway to Moksha and Ultimate Enlightenment!!!

Why is the fiercest and fear inspiring aspect of the goddess Durga associated with the ultimate goal of Liberation/ enlightenment via the 7 Gate: Crown Chakra??

The Energy…

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New Moon Aries- Scorpio / Kali Full Moon Gateway of UNION of Cosmic+ Earth + Sacred Sites+ Individual Kundalini Energies


Sacred Earth Energy Sites and Individual Kundalini Circuits to be the Rainbow Bridge For the Union of Cosmic Wisdom and Earth Kundalini on Aries New Moon -Scorpio Full Moon Gateway

gratitude to Artist Unknown, pls tag

I was shown the coming New Moon in Aries (11/12 April) as the gateway of New Pathways and connections…. Specifically connections between Cosmic Wisdom and Earthly Wisdom. I was shown the MotherBoard, Pyramids of Giza in Egypt as the Altar where Cosmic Guidance Meets Earth Wisdom/ Memories / Records and Heritage.

gratitude to Artist Unknown, pls tag

The Knowing is that the same holds true not only for the Ancient Sacred Energy Portals/ sites of Earth (all interconnected with Giza Pyramids as the central nerve), but for each of us individually too. In other words The Kundalini Energy of The Earth, Our Individual Kundalini Circuit and The Cosmic Kundalini Energy will begin to Merge/…

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Start Talking to Your Cells – Kryon


“The first catalyst for healing is the power of your words.” —Kryon

“There wasacknowledgmentyears and years ago that the [body] chemistry could actually be affected in a positive way by how you think.

And that’s when you started to hear the phrases, ‘You can think yourself to health.’ That is because the psychologists and all those who studied the mind said, ’You know,we have found out that stress is a killer.’ And the reason it’s the killer is it changes the chemistry, and the chemistry is then out of balance.

The things that you depend upon, the digestion, the reproduction, and everything else that seemed to be automatic, seem to be affected by how you think. Fear, stress, allof those things seem to age you more as well.

And they started doing studies of those occupations that were extremely stressful, and they saw that the lifespan was shorter, then they got…

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Know the Self through Self itself


To few lucky ones,

Solitude is so enjoyable

Silence is so relaxing

For it is in solitude and silence, one unites with divine

There will be many around to move you,

Saying you are lonely, you have to do this and that

They may try to make you feel insecure

Behold the divine self at those times,

Not to lose yourself in mind’s games

Stay in silence

Stay simple to experience the simple profound truth

That which is accessible to everyone

That which is so close to oneself as “self”

All prayers, practices, satsangs are the boats to cross the ocean of mind

Keep them simple so that mind won’t play with them too

Reach the self and know the self through self itself 😊❤

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Alchemists of The Now


Alchemists of The Now

The current energies of rebirth/ resurrection/ spring / Ostara/ equinox / Easter are all working in the direction of the revival of the Divine Feminine Consciousness or the return of the Goddess Head ..The Shakti/ Sophia/ Shekhinah .

Ancient societies were matriarchal, followed by Patriarchal societies….and now by a revival of the Goddess Head we can move into a Balanced Society…where the Divine Feminine and Masculine together uphold a balanced foundation (consciousness of 22 or Energy of 4, the decade of 2020).

When we speak of New Foundations, it is inevitable that we will be drawn towards working with Earth Energies, delving into our past gifts as Shamanic Shapeshifters to delve into the womb/ tomb of the Underworld/ subconscious to ferret out Wisdom of the Earth/ Womb of healing, nurturing, self care / preservation/ protection and the need of the hour..Embodiment!!

Another aspect of Earth wisdom…

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Resurrection: Born to Rise

Koyopa Rising

I awoke at 5 AM this morning, swimming in the sweet overflow of an important dream dialogue. I understand why I lost all of my video projects yesterday. A lot of the tools and technology we have relied upon in our lives do not have a forward trajectory and will not be moving with us in their current configurations. We are either “going live” with what we KNOW, or we stay behind, with what we were always told.

I speak to you from what I know. While I may reference resonant persons, places, and things, all of what I share comes from my translations via direct relationship with the Source Field.

Today is Good Friday, a religious holiday for many. I send you my good wishes as you celebrate in the ways that you choose. Many people have been encouraged to value only their relationship to rituals and stories, and…

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Pure essentials


As we await impatiently for change in our physical experience, we must understand the process we are going through.
We are clearing so much of the old that does not align with our highest good, that does not align with the true essence of our creation, love.
We have entered a process in which evil and destruction is being rebuked.
There is a collective energy of chaos, confusion and anxiety as all we have known to be true flips and changes. Within this transformational phase we are all, each and every one of us is also undergoing a personal clearing process, in which much of our former preoccupations have been taken away from us so that we can be more still and look more within.
For those of us who heed the call with bravery and gentleness, as we surrender our frustration and Allow Divine Guidance to enter, we are…

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