The Cosmic Soul Hits Home

Koyopa Rising

Things have changed again. Who are you now? What world do you find yourself living within? While some still give their full attention to social-media memes and false leaders who proclaim that they will save and protect you from the bad guys, a few have transcended this trap. These few are already living and adapting to the next phase of a greater-dimensional Earth existence. They understand that we don’t really go anywhere; it’s the Cosmic Soul that comes Home.

There is an enormous challenge for the frontrunners who transcend the outer-world narratives at this time. You are probably unable to articulate this awakening to those around you. Why? Because we are still sharing common vibrational space, yet simultaneously perceiving higher layers of realities that others have not yet perceived. Make no mistake, this data does not come from the internet of the world. It comes directly from Source through you…

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Listening: a Poetic Message from Beyond

Koyopa Rising

I am still integrating my August 5th contact event. I never would’ve imagined that I would experience this again in my life, to this degree, and especially in the way that it occurred. I’m gradually becoming aware of more layers than I was able to articulate in my previous post. All that I can tell you in this moment is, I feel different. Like somehow I am more… of myself, that is. Shortly after awakening yesterday, I began automatically typing this piece below, and then forgot about it. So I offer it to you today. I found it to be quite poetic in places so I shaped it into verse. As always, it is not just for me. It is for anyone who is listening.

Some things just weren’t translatable to the world you found yourself within.
Direct experience begins to restore and reopen these pathways to More.

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imagine life as a fish

Mystic Morning Blog

crystal clear water before you

filled with your favorite food

you crave for each morsel

each desire tempting you with distraction

each one hiding a barbed hook

a thin filament to the one waiting far above

a sea filled with thousands upon 10’s of thousands of baited hooks

a mass of fish each pouncing upon every baited morsel that arises in its path

their frenzied hunger for distracting morsels never abated

lunging for each yet never filling their desire

and yet every once in an eternity

a fish swims on its own volition

its own discipline

its own wisdom

its own diligence

its own patience

its own concentration

without distraction towards a greater feast

for it has taken the bait many times

and realized that there was more

to fighting to exhaustion, to being endlessly dragged up and thrown back

again and yet again

there was one present moment in…

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Thought For The Day: August 6, 2020 “It’s a Feeling”

The Desert Path

Happy Thursday,

Many people are under the misconception that home is a place. The truth is that we will live in many places during our lifetime and not all will feel like home. The feeling of “home” can be a place, a building,  or a person. It is the feeling of safety, love, peace, or comfort. The feelings fill our hearts and make us feel whole. Home is where the heart is!

Daily Thought 1 (7)

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The Mighty Ocean | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

It is enough to be in the presence of love. Love does not have to be personally given to you. You do not have to have more love than someone else. You do not have to have the love of one particular person. No one’s love belongs to you anyway. Love is for everyone. Be secure in love. You do not have to have greater love as proof that you are love-worthy. You are love-worthy now.

No more either are you to choose where your love is directed nor are you to choose where anyone’s love is directed. You are not to bind love. Why do you think you need more anyway? Do you not have all of Mine?

Why would you give less love than what I have given you? And why would you demand more love from anyone? Love cannot be commanded nor demanded. If someone…

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The Faerie Ring.



Let us in a lover’s round
Circle all this hallowed ground;
Softly, softly trip and go,
the light-foot Fairies jet it so.
Forward then and back again,
Here and there and everywhere,
Winding to and fro,
Skipping high and louting low;
And, like lovers, hand in hand,
March around and make a stand.

by George Mason and John Earsden
Artist Asako Eguchi

Text and image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

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Thought For The Day: Aug. 5, 2020 “It’s Worth It”

The Desert Path

Happy Wednesday,

We are seeing a lot about “empowerment” lately. The first step to empowerment lies in our ability to take responsibility for our words, and actions. If you are in the wrong, have done wrong or messed something up grab your courage and take the responsibility. Then work hard to make amends and make things right. Walking the path of empowerment is never easy but it IS worth it.

DailyThought2b (3)

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The Desert Path: The dusty ramblings of a desert pagan.

Cat’s Treasure Trove …. an eclectic collection of jewelry & gifts!
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