Introduction To The Parts Of Yourself And Soul

SoulFullHeart Experience

By Jelelle Awen

The worlds that these parts of us live in are SO real and so available to be visited. I have been so gifted and honored to venture into so many inner worlds with parts and Metasoul aspects of people in the last couple of years especially. There are many commonalities and similarities that these parts seem to share…even as every one of them is VERY unique to the person and soul.

Let me take you on a quick tour of these inner worlds to meet these parts of self and soul. You may feel a strong sense of recognition. You may respond with sudden tears or released sadness. You may hear and feel your own parts of self and soul responding with a desire and need to be felt, connected to, and seen.

First is your loyal Inner Protector, who is so often just standing by, on…

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Masculine Ascending: The Journey Of Finding Our True Man’s Heart

SoulFullHeart Experience

I have been spending some time taking in some deep reflections about my relationship to my own emotional body and its effect on my personal ascension process. Before I began this inner work, my emotional body would move from Zen-like peace to bouts of inner punishment, depression, and anxiety followed by a fifth of Scotch. I was the guy with “so much potential” in relationships and never fully getting what that meant.

As I have come to realize over the years, it was always and ever about being real with what I was feeling, expressing what my truth was regardless of where it came from. So many castles built on sand and a part of me (my protector) trying like hell to maintain that he was on solid ground. Of course, the tides of real love are always there to remind us of this precarious situation.

As a man, this…

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Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Message From Lord Devin Aboard The Flagship Pelegai

Last night, during meditation, I was delighted to be visited by a member of my Starseed family, Lord Devin (one of the last remaining Lyrans (Felines) of pure descent). I have had many previous encounters with him on numerous occasions and have even had the privilege of being able to board the Lion People’s starship, Pelegai, quite a few times during my current lifespan. According to Jalaila Starr’s experiences on Pelegai, here is her personal overview which is very similiar to mine:-

‘Pelegai is the last of the remaining original flagships of the Galactic Federation Council from Lyra. It was built during the time of the First Grand Experiment on the planet Avyon, the First Earth in the Vega Star system of the Lyra Constellation. Pelegai is the forerunner and higher dimensional version of Nibiru.

Pelegai was one of the few ships…

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DIANE CANFIELD – Energy Update – We are entering New Timelines as old Timelines Collapse to Make Way for the New Higher Consciousness – 8-28-18

Higher Density Blog

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloveds,

Huge Timeline Shifts Occurring For The Last Two Weeks

Timeline shifts continue and are growing stronger. I first reported this ( in this cycle) in my article on August 12 you can find here, then another article August 20th ( here) and now a third article today a week later. Many are wondering what is going on with this HIGHER/elevated energy that is occurring and this is it. This means we have been shifting timelines for over 2 weeks now and there is no end in sight. What does this mean for us in the Ascension process? It means we are on a HUGE Upward swing in the Ascension process like no other. This has not been seen before by me and I have been reporting on energy changes and shifting timelines /dimensions since 2010.

Many of you may have been feeling something BIG…

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Navigating These Times Of Change And Upturned Feelings Inside

SoulFullHeart Experience

By Kalayna Colibri

During these days and moments of so much coming in and going on, the constant invitation is to surrender to the tornado of reflections and changes, trusting that you WILL land somewhere soft and grassy… these times of upheaval actually press us upward AND onward, while encouraging us to go inward.

The preciousness of parts of you can be forgotten in the everyday shuffle and the ongoing dreamings of what you want to experience, be, have next. The need to see and actually be with what is now can be challenging. The emotional and spiritual pain and distrust that parts of you hold can become buried, even in a life that is genuinely good. The gift of these ‘tornado times’ is that this pain can surface and be felt again, made space for, healed deeper, brought with you to that new place the Divine so wants to…

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As we approach the full moon
We are once again asked to release all that we hold within that blocks our growth
The energies support this release
Tag along
Make use of this
For your own good
Its high time to be fiercly honest with yourself
What do you do
How do you think
That holds you blocked
Nice and tidy in your comfort zone
Yet frustrated
Your soul cannot fly free ?
Are you able to be honest
And take a good look
Where is your fear and why ?
Meet it
Talk to it
Isnt it really completely outdated ?
Can you see how it is sabotaging your growth?
Are you ready to expland
To breathe
To fly ?
Breathe deeply
And Release it all unto the light
Let go of your past
Of who you were coerced to be
And make room for your Magnificent Light

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Surviving Dark Night of The Soul

Happy Full Moon everyone! 🙂 I was unwell for few days and I got behind on my week’s goal so I am posting two posts today! But 1st since it’s a Full Moon weekend, check out my earlier post on the Full Moon Magic here and how you can make the most of it’s magical energy!


Okay, now we can move on to today’s post ‘Surviving Dark Night of the Soul’….

Having gone through this last summer I feel like I can share my tips and what I wish I knew back then. I am aware everyone’s experience is different and so will these tips, some might work better for you than others, but I will share what has helped me & what I wish I knew then & I hope you find this helpful.

It’s been a year since this all started and I’ve learnt a lot &…

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To the Wonder of Yourself | Heavenletters


Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, at the same time as you create yourself, you miss out on the concept that this is what you perennially are doing. Why do you miss out on what is going on? Because you are in a daze. You just may not have woken up yet. Now you will open your eyes up wide to the wonder of yourself.

You have heard the expression that you know not what you do, yet this expression now takes on a new meaning. You know not Who you are. Now, the good news is that your heart cells are opening up to the love within you that you also happen to radiate out to everyone near and far. Now each person begins to see you as himself. Everyone who sees you now says quietly to himself: “Why, here I am set before the Universe!”

Here it is: You begin to…

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