Combating Self Doubt

Internal Divine

Repelling the Most Toxic Pollutant of the Mind and Soul

Photo byDavid LeeonUnsplash

Self Doubt is a monster that dwells within us when we begin living outside of our comfort zone.

It is that voice that creeps in so slyly that you almost don’t notice it until you are already engulfed. The voice that says you aren’t good enough, that compares you to others, that reminds you of past failures.

Negative self talk and self doubt are basically the same but self doubt is straight to the core without beating around the bush. It addresses the actual goal and convinces you that it’s not going to work and you may as well give up.

It hurts. A lot.

I have heard a lot about self doubt recently, probably because I have been experiencing it myself.

It seems that that happens: The Universe reminds us of the message(s)…

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Lemurian Light Language Activation In Nature (Salt Spring Island) W/Jelelle Awen (video)

SoulFullHeart Experience

By Jelelle Awen

Join me in this quick 2.5 minute video offering activation through Lemurian Light Language and a vast, epic view on top of Mt. Maxwell on Salt Spring Island, about a 30 minute ferry ride from Vancouver Island. Raphael and I are sitting in an high meadow with crickets all around us, having gone ‘off trail’ for awhile to be guided to this vista and very special spot. We were guided by our First Nation Metasoul aspects (Atta and Adam) who KNEW this place from their timeline, even though we had never been there in this life. It was amazing to allow them to be our tour guides, trusting as the terrain got a bit rough in places with many fallen trees, loose soil, and rocks.

We let our souls guide us though and here we landed. INjoy as the view expands your perspective, offering the bigger…

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Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

1636CC63-DB9C-4872-B3A2-D6A2C03214F5 Image Credit Maria Chambers

For those of us going through embodied enlightenment…..despite the fatigue and the physical imbalances we may still be dealing with, regardless of the boredom, the lack of passion, and for some still going through the emotional purging and the other frustrations that are natural as a result of a 5D human being in a 3D environment……we are fulfilled.

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Sound of Gold Bite: Transcending the Wall 050519

Koyopa Rising


The Sound of Gold Bites are excerpts from full transmissions. These are the messages from beyond consensus reality, arriving in frequency. Messages in their entirety are posted on the Patreon site, as they are made available to members first. I will share my journeys in contact and consciousness, along with these messages, for as long as I am able.

“As long as you are studying reality as it is presented to you within these parameters, within this spectrum, you will forever loop.” ~ Gold Light Intelligence

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Koyopa: (n) lightning [Momos]; inner soul (receives supernatural messages)
from the Language of Mayan K’iche’
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You can support Eileen’s work by sharing this with…

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Honesty and Openness

Reflections of Riverman

Honesty and Openness

Hi All,
It is funny how as I try to catch up with my Presence of Light Talk posts they are reminders to me of what is important.
The morning of this particular talk, I was in a state of questioning myself which is not uncommon these days.
So too this morning I awoke and had to be deeply honest within myself about the last month of amazing changes.
The accepting of our growth is confirmed by our own experiences through these two words…

Honesty and Openness

747 Angel Number
7 discernment, understanding, inner-self, awakening
7 encouragement of working toward goals, truth and integrity,
building solid foundations
747 is a confirmation of successful achievement and encouragement to continue

Many times we fail to see our own spiritual growth or development
because we are right in the middle of it.
We are the point within the circle which seems so infinitely…

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The voice you once thought lost will return to you


“The voice you once thought lost
will return to you.

Do not be surprised when you realize
that her tone is deeper, richer, and a bit
than the voice you remembered.

She has traveled
through the belly of the underworld
and while you spent your nights
plotting escape from captivity
she seasoned
in the dark recesses of the earth.”

Author: Sarah La Rosa

 Artist: Jeanie Tomanek Text & image source: The spirit that moves me

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Allowing the clearing of distorted perception

Love's Beginning

We’re going to help you let go of the struggle for authorship. There seems to be a little you struggling to stay in control, to survive somehow, yet you know there is a Big You, a unified Self, who would run everything quite simply if you would allow it fully into the storyline.

As little you, you experience guilt and shame. This is a very helpful clue that you are tuned in to Little Me radio station. All guilt is based on the idea that you’re doing it. All blame is based on the idea that a separate other is doing it. Doing what? All of the actions that sum up what you see to be little, separate lives. You think you’re doing it, or you think someone else is doing it, and right away you get a bad feeling about it.

The bad feeling is always your clue. The…

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Let inspiration lead

Love's Beginning

We invite you to think of your human doings. We invite you to think of your human doings as inspired completely and wholly by the simplicity and abundance of Being. You are all worthy of such effortlessness and joy.

Think of doing something without an agenda. Now consider the various agendas you may have when you think you are doing something. Yes, that’s right. We say when you think you are doing something, because that is how the experience is brought about. Are you actually doing anything? Has there been an actual doing, ever?

No. There has been perception of doing, perception of time, perception of space, perception of experience. The doings seem to be what is happening, and you attach meaning and value to the various doings.

You attach purpose to the doings, too, and that’s where an agenda comes in. The agenda could be to survive, to advance…

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Effort can dissolve

Love's Beginning

We invite you to allow all thoughts of effort to rise into awareness. When you think you are trying, you are also attempting to control. You are attempting to control outcomes through physical action. If your belief is strong that struggle will achieve outcomes, that is exactly what seems to happen. You are accustomed to thinking that amount of effort is related to the type of result you get. We invite you to allow that belief into the light so it can dissolve.

Notice how thoughts of effort are tied to thoughts and beliefs of unworthiness. Why would you need to struggle? You only need to struggle if all is not provided for you. It seems in this world as if all is not provided for you, but the only reason that is experienced is that is what is believed.

Notice judgments about the efforts of others–whether or not they…

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