At Your Own Pace

The Creator Writings

The further along you move in this shift, the more those interesting feelings may arise. They may run the gamut from boundless joy to immeasurable sadness and that is perfectly okay. You may look at the humans around you and say, “Oh my! If they only did ____, they would feel so much better!”

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God Calls You to Him I | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved Godwriter, there is an impulse in your heart that prompts you to Godwrite. Sometimes My desire for Our recognized Oneness squeezes your heart. Yes, impulses from God reach far and wide. Through your desire and My desire, Our hearts reach.

Godwriting can seem like the sound of almost silent silver bells reaching you from Heaven or perhaps the lightest of silver and golden leaves swirling to you from Heaven. Here they come, thoughts upcoming, thoughts awaiting, thoughts pending, thoughts blown to you through God’s breath, inspired to fall like earthen leaves delicately or sometimes blown sweepingly by strong winds in autumn.

Somehow you are caught up in a subtle reverie, a gossamer-like enchantment; this beauty from Heaven is given to you in service to love. You follow this vast beautifulness called Godwriting. You come all the way to Oneness, One Beloved Self.

How in God’s Name does…

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The Grand Presence Leads the Way ~ As Divine Light ~ Transform Everything

The New Divine Humanity

Echoing into eternity, The Halls of Amenti awaken their life-giving Divine forces of Light Frequencies into this now moment.

The Suns of Suns ~ with the Great Central Sun ~ and their Light, throughout all worlds, rise in the Glory of their Light. As the new day dawning, has forever changed.

We see you now rising too, as the call of this Light awakens all the codes in your DNA, now.

The Atlantean inter dimensional Light Beings, stand with all, as this unfolding of Light frequencies, takes form, throughout the Universe.

Just as the original Light ~ Soul birthing, as the children of Heaven, birthed into Being, and shone forth into creation, so now too, this birthing ~  the Light joins with its Original Light, re emanating the flow, shining forth the birthed Union, once again.

The Grand Presence, leads the way, as the electrical impulses as Divine Light frequencies…

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