A Course in Forgetting: A shared document

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Love's Beginning

One morning last week, this message came through:

This is a course in forgetting. This is a course in remembering that the past isn’t real so you can allow the world to come alive all around you. Instead of what you wanted to see in hate, you now allow the world to show you in love.

This process does not have to take a long time, and it all depends upon the expansion of your willingness. Are you willing to forget the old, the past that never actually existed, in order to allow a new, a reflection of that which you Are, to arise in your sight?

This book represents a continuation of my A Course in Miracles at a time in which it is most needed.

This scribe is not fearless, but she has learned enough during the time when I have been working with her to hear a…

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A Course in Forgetting: The Assumption

Love's Beginning

You would only make an assumption about one you call other because you believe you are unworthy of the Assumption, of the return to full awareness of Heaven, where you abide with all right now.

When you notice that you make assumptions about one you call other, notice that you have a belief in your own unworthiness, and you are using thinking about one who seems to be “out there” to distract yourself. Are you ready to see things differently?

You never left Heaven, which means that no one you call “else” could have left your Home. Are you ready to have your perception corrected?

A Course in Forgetting is a shared document. You are welcome to add, edit, or delete text or images.

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Michael Salla: Contact with Council of Nine & Roddenberry’s Star Trek Future

Sunny's Journal

Dr. Michael Salla: Contact with Council of Nine & Roddenberry’s Star Trek Future

One of the most intriguing aspects of Gene Roddenberry’s creation of the Star Trek franchise was his relationship with a mysterious extraterrestrial group calling itself the Council of Nine that were being channeled by the psychic Phyllis Schlemmer in the 1970s. Roddenberry sat in on channeling sessions from 1974 to 1975, and participated in Q & A’s that were recorded in Schlemmer’s 1993 book, the Only Planet of Choice.

What lent credibility to the Council of Nine was that their existence was confirmed in the famous Law of One channeling sessions held from 1981 to 1984, which are widely regarded as the most authoritative channelings ever conducted due to the strict scientific protocols used by a retired applied physics professor, Don Elkins.

These historical events provide important context for Elena Danaan’s most recent contact experiences where she…

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Alex Quinn: Schumann Resonance Intensity Growing

Sunny's Journal

Alex Quinn: Schumann Resonance Intensity Growing

Alexander Quinn explains how the Schumann Resonance is growing in energy and how it effects the mind, body, and ascension process. This is related to brain wave activity and consciousness also.

Note to Readers: According to Alex and others, a large CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) is heading for Earth and will hit on October 31st, Halloween (in USA and Great Britain).

I know I have been sleeping heavily lately, going to bed earlier, and experiencing deep internal knowings.

Take care of your body as we undergo this massive transformation.

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no self

Mystic Morning Blog

the ultimate goal of the buddhists of every lineage

the ultimate goal of the wise indigenous peoples

the ultimate goal of the desert fathers

the ultimate goal of the advaita gurus

the ultimate goal of the mystics of all traditions

to look within and no longer see a self

but a glorious temple completely swept clean of self

a pure awareness

on bended kneed

entirely surrendered to the will of loving kindness

that seed of divinity within

that has been allowed to grow

with constant attention and love

now begins to

bloom and grow forever

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New Sun Day: The Mother Awakens

Koyopa Rising

Life is so good. It’s the synchronicities, the joy, the magic that is unfolding now. The transmissions showed me all of this. And because I had no context for it at the time, every bit of it got filed away. The decades of journaling the visitations, downloads, lucid dreams, and a reduction of multi-dimensions to the page, eventually turned into audio files. And yet, everything I was shown inside this field of light has come to pass. All I did was face my fears, make them conscious through a practice that the visitors showed me, and slowly, the fear of this enormous Presence awakening within my body-consciousness was gone.

It began transmitting to me. It’s like music, a song that was mostly inaudible and invisible to the world. I complained bitterly about being given so much understanding and bliss, with no way of explaining it and very few humans to…

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Words of celebration

Love's Beginning

Pay attention to any sense of threat that arises during the day. Can you catch it before it becomes anything specific, meaningful, or believable? That sense of threat is the indicator that you are attached to the idea that all of the seeming threats within this illusion are real. Question the reality of all of the seeming threats within the illusion. Ask to be shown what is prior to all sense of threat. The sense of threat is the foundation of the perception of separate selves.

Look upon this for a moment. Look at the belief that the perceived-as-separate selves are real. Look upon the belief that the perceived-as-separate selves can be harmed by aspects of the illusion that are also real. Allow your belief that perceived-as-separate selves are real to sit in the light. Gaze upon your belief that perceived-as-separate selves can do harm. Look upon your belief that…

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