Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

When you feel rough, irritated, angry, take a time out. Cause no damage, not to anyone, and that includes no damage to your own heart. Hearts are precious. Hearts need to be spared any kind of assault.

Do you confess that when you are angry, you inflame or even assault your own God-given heart? If you feel devastated, what state is your heart in? Frazzled? Please take better care of your heart. Have regard for all hearts, not the least of which is your own.

Storms pass. Wait until a storm within you passes. You do not want to wreak havoc on other hearts. Please come to terms with your own heart. Make sure it is comfortable. This is a good saying: “To your own heart be true.” Only this saying may not be fully understood.

This saying doesn’t mean to express your heart at any expense. Being…

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