Self Love



We are slowly getting out of a wave of shadow work weve been in
It was quite heavy
But rest assured this was crucial to go through allowing it to surface from your Depths to be Released.
There simply was no other way to liberate yourself from what was holding you down for so long.
For many this has not only been energies from our past but even from past lives and/or issues from family history that you are clearing as well, hence the density.
Youve come through the other end now
You can clearly see what was burdening you
This Energy has had to go
To Free you
To be who you Truly Are
Embrace your new found Freedom and Lightness
You may still feel a bit shaky
Be gentle with yourself
Just put your best foot forward and get back to investing into the projects you have…

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Breathe – Pleiadian Collective ~ January 30, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Breathe – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.

About Kabamur – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective



Friends Of Earth,

We Address In The Love Of Humanity!

For In These Moments Of Perceived Chaos, We View Only Peace!

This Is The Hope For All Life!

This Is The Truth Beyond What Many Are Able To Believe.


For Those Of Your Planet Have Been Lied To For Millions Of
Years, How Can We Expect More Of You When We Understand You And Have
Lived As You!


Listen To Those Who You Know Have Awakened To Truth!

It Is As If You Must Ignore All Of The Poison To Find The Nourishment!


Beloved Ones, All You Need Is There Before You!

There Is No Need To Solve Anything.

There Is No Deed That You Must Worry About!

Even Concerning The Darkest Moments Of Each Government…

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This is how we all heal together

Love's Beginning

We cannot underestimate the importance of your willingness to see things differently. When you are willing to see things differently, you are willing to return to the remembrance of true identity. When you are willing to see things differently, you are willing to allow not just a shift within the illusion, but a passing away of the illusion. It can only come with your permission.

It is equally valuable when you are willing to recognize the feeling of resistance, the feeling of rigidity. Being willing to sense rigidity means that you are willing to acknowledge when you are clinging to illusion, when you are lying to yourself. When you are resisting anything seemingly outside of yourself, you are blocking Love, every time. This means you are resisting the remembrance of who you are, of who everyone else is.

As we have said before, negative feelings seem to have everything to…

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You Are Worthy



Perhaps recent events have brought up your biggest wound
Feeling vulnerable, exposed, unworthy and lacking confidence.
Lets look at that more closely
You are not a failure
You are not unworthy
You are not a failure for feeling vulnerable
For touching once again your darkest wound
You are human
You are a beautiful sentient being
Yes youve been through stuff
Just like us all
If anything that should be what connects us not what separates us
We are all wounded
We are all vulnerable
We are all hurt
Theres no shame in that
If others make you feel less than
Because of your wounds or insecuritues
Perhaps even treading all over them
Thats their stuff
Their insensibility
And above all
Their own unwillingness to look at their own wounds which makes them accentuate yours to feel better about themselves..stronger..more in control
But this is merely false control
The kind…

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Bless the World

Moments with Millie

A few years ago for Christmas a dear friend gifted me an amazing book by Mark Nepo: ‘The Book of Awakening.’ It’s a daily meditation guide. The pages are worn and marked. The book now looks like it’s been put through a dryer. Every time I pick it up I find something else that I’ve missed the last five years. Words have a way of popping out just when they need to be acknowledged.

“There are many reasons to be kind, but perhaps none is as compelling as the spiritual fact that it is what we do. It is how the inner organ of being keeps pumping. Spiders sting. Wolves howl. Ants build small hills that no one sees. And human beings lift each other, no matter the consequences. Even when other beings sting.”

Have we forgotten in these present times of “what we do?” Have we lost our way…

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Shifting to Gratitude

Moments with Millie

Several years ago I wore a rubber band around my wrist. Every time I had a complaint I would snap it (or negative self talk). Needless to say that on that first day my wrist was swollen and I had to use the other one the next day. By the end of three days I became mindful of my thoughts. By the end of the week I turned complaints into opportunities to learn and evolve. It’s about time I redo this again. I have been stuck on that long ass line for too long.

We forget to feel gratitude for the teachers who trigger us. For the events that break us and force us to grow spiritually. For the incredible obstacles that mold us. We forget because we have been programmed since very young to see things from a victim mode. We are talk to sit (or stand) and moan…

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Valueless judgments

Love's Beginning

Why are you so willing to look at your judgments?

This may seem like an odd question, but why does this have your attention? It’s because you know that your constructions are your blockage, the only thing seemingly holding you back. The willingness to look at your judgments also contains the willingness to do the deconstruction work necessary to let them go. Since this is an all-in-one package, rest assured that if you are willing to look at your judgments, you will let them go. They simply can’t stand up in the light of your awareness.

Your judgments are only as valuable as you think they are. You only hold onto your judgments if you are ignoring what is truly there for you. Once you realize there is something much bigger, more stable and more loving than your judgments, it is only a matter of time before you come to…

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Greetings from yourSelf

Love's Beginning

Good morning! You are actively awakening from the dream of fear, and we are pleased to assist you. You are willing to notice and feel where you rely upon fear in all its forms (any emotion that feels negative) to attach “you” to the world you project, and we delight in this collaboration.

In order to be able to unwind from the dream of fear, you have to be willing to see where you attach to fear. When you watch the character you call yourself, willing to feel how everything feels, you can feel all the points of contraction where you are attaching and projecting. If you stop every time you notice one of these points of attachment, we are there to assist you with release. When you allow this release, you are sharing it with all of your divine siblings across time and space. The need to attach to…

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New Moon in Aquarius, February 4th, 2019 ~ Most Auspicious

The New Divine Humanity

On February 4th, 2019 we have a Most Blessed New Moon in Aquarius at 5:03 pm AST.

Energetically this is one of the most Auspicious New Moon (beginning) in over one year ~ Earth time.

We are still integrating the great Shifts that took place on the Super Blood Moon/Eclipse. This plays out till July, 2019.

Your subconscious mind; reconstructed, renders your old way of being, within your own unique awareness (frequency) obsolete. 

Thought forms at the mass consciousness level, now infiltrated with 5th Dimensional new ways of Being as energetic impulses of Light, are shifting completely. They are continuing to go through and all records, the hall of mirrors.

During this New Moon on February 4th, 2019, we have the Sun, Moon and Mercury sextile Jupiter.  We may experience (frequency) expanded enlightenment, great news, joy, happiness and fortune, all according to our individual life plan, during this incarnation.

We also have at…

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