to fall in love with the natural world

Mystic Morning Blog

to fall in …. prompts one to think….

perhaps a letting go

so that we can fall

no longer grasping fearfully onto imaginary thoughts all about preserving, protecting, insuring and further isolating the “I”

a complete letting go … as if falling with a surreal intent yet also as if helplessly pulled into an abyss of unknowing

a shedding of self which exposes us to pure vulnerability – original innocence

as if the “me” and all of its defenses doesn’t really matter anymore

a letting go of all of the thoughts and feelings that hold us back from pure love

… a surrender of all the attachments to this man-made world, comprised of  bills to pay, health care issues, insecurities, interpersonal conflicts, addictions, anxieties and fears

to just fall into …

love….when pure – a mystical experience of union…where all the surrendered attachments that highlight differences and distinctions, fears and…

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NO THING IS WORTH IT ~ The Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

Number 8 in a series of articles called ‘The Relationship Articles’

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council and we are here today to let you know that there is no thing in your life that is worth disturbing your peace of mind for.

When you are centered and balanced within you are able to see things that occur around you in your lives from a different perspective than when you are stressed and out of balance.  We want you to know that there is no thing that is ever worth you losing your center and balance over.

Once you can accept this and deeply know it, you can put the cart before the horse so to speak and know that if something in your life is disturbing you there is no true basis for it and that will help you to change your perspective.

We do not mean to suggest…

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…the ether of stillness…

Mystic Morning Blog

in the reflection of her eyes

the beauty of creation unfolded

floating in the mists of nothingness

the source of all creation

a pure emptiness

empty of all form

just nothingness

where consciousness neither perceives, nor feels

within this ethereal bliss

yet this was the birthplace of existence

a hidden source of potential creative energy

imagine what happens unbeknownst to us when this ether of creativity and transformation permeates our being

we ourselves become transformed in this life, in this time

in times of drought….a hidden freshwater spring lies within….visit her often….

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You’re worth it


20170321_154613txt-sind (1)

You may be feeling a bit low,fragile, emotional
On our road to evolution there will be highs and lows
It is the way that we deal with the ebb and flow that will determine our determination and growth.
It is very important even when things appear to not go in our favor, to not lose our vision, for things are not always what they seem.So much goes on beneath the surface that we do not know of.There are so many energies to be orchestrated to reach our venues and all along the journey is the most important part of it all, for that is where our learning experience occurs.
Most of all we are to learn about ourselves, our beauty, our value and love ourselves through it all, care for ourselves.
To the extent you care for yourself is the extent of joy and success you will produce for yourself…

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return again….to my loving arms

Mystic Morning Blog

as a witness to this earth

a hidden light of blue, white and green shines in your sweet eyes

the life it preciously holds in tender hands

a precious light of life in your eyes

such beauty, such majesty

a round sacred pearl of blue, green and white spinning in a vast expanse of nothing

circling a life giving sun

along an ancient path

a perfect circle…

evolving, unfolding through endless epochs

transforming itself

a metamorphism into perfectly balanced gardens of life

a dance of preciously rare life in a vast cosmos of nothing but emptiness

embracing destruction and creation in an ancient ritual of creativity

light of life and darkness of death intertwined in a cosmic dance of conscious endeavor

…and here we stand…humanity….finally conscious of itself pondering the face painted on the moon, the distance of the stars and the infinity that stretches forever behind

who are we…

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See the Real

Love's Beginning

There is only one lack–lack of correct perception. No matter how many different forms of lack you seem to perceive, there can only be a lack of correct perception. The world you perceive is a world based upon lack that you choose to perceive. This is worth saying again: The world you perceive is the world you choose to perceive. Invite the Real in, and you will begin to see the Real everywhere.

You view the world through the lens of fear, and on this basis you think you are equipped to judge it. Remember that when there is any tension or resistance present, anything less than pure joy, you have allowed fear to dictate what you see. One important step in the voluntary release of fear is the suspension of judgment. You can only suspend judgment when you can see that it is worthless.

Fear is no foundation at…

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