A Course in Forgetting: A shared document

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Love's Beginning

One morning last week, this message came through:

This is a course in forgetting. This is a course in remembering that the past isn’t real so you can allow the world to come alive all around you. Instead of what you wanted to see in hate, you now allow the world to show you in love.

This process does not have to take a long time, and it all depends upon the expansion of your willingness. Are you willing to forget the old, the past that never actually existed, in order to allow a new, a reflection of that which you Are, to arise in your sight?

This book represents a continuation of my A Course in Miracles at a time in which it is most needed.

This scribe is not fearless, but she has learned enough during the time when I have been working with her to hear a…

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A Course in Forgetting: The Assumption

Love's Beginning

You would only make an assumption about one you call other because you believe you are unworthy of the Assumption, of the return to full awareness of Heaven, where you abide with all right now.

When you notice that you make assumptions about one you call other, notice that you have a belief in your own unworthiness, and you are using thinking about one who seems to be “out there” to distract yourself. Are you ready to see things differently?

You never left Heaven, which means that no one you call “else” could have left your Home. Are you ready to have your perception corrected?

A Course in Forgetting is a shared document. You are welcome to add, edit, or delete text or images.

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