Opening Portals to More Arcturian Energy ∞The 9D Arcturian Council ~ December 30, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Well…isn’t this concept one that (really) we already know sub-consciously after all? Love does win after all once you make the decision to love yourself and follow your heart!

Please read this message below, get ready to revel in your new found FREEDOM, and really BE…



“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been opening more portals in your atmosphere because we are eager to deliver even more Arcturian energy to Mother Earth and the human collective. We have seen the effects of Arcturian energy on you, and we must say that you are taking to it quite nicely. You are eager to remember who you really are in the biggest sense of that statement, and you are also eager to remember that you have been Arcturian in previous lifetimes, whether physical or non-physical. Some of…

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Trust the Flow of this moment

Love's Beginning

We invite you past the perception that you are “the fixer” or that if something is wrong, it must be fixed by a separate you.  We invite you past the perception that your fellow humans are all responsible in some way for fixing the problems of a planet. When we say this, we are not saying that a perceived fixing won’t happen. We are inviting you to the shortest route to viewing thriving and innocence everywhere. Why take a long time to remember your innocence when a more direct path is available? The Flow always takes you in the most direct path possible for you,  given what you still believe. If you trust in the Flow, you trust in the fundamental innocence of all, beyond all characters and roles being played.

The Flow is always here for all, and it doesn’t matter what the perception of a problem is–big or…

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Emerging From The Darkness

Reflections of Riverman

Emerging From the DarknessEmerging From the Darkness

Arising at 6:29 the message of the numbers revolved around
Gratitude and Grace
Balance and Harmony
Life Purpose and Soul Mission
Endings and Conclusions

How sweet that it reminds me of the 4 directions which I see this morning as…

The East and the Rising Sun Gracing us with new opportunities to be Grateful for
The South Balancing us as We seek a New Harmonic Frequency of Living Grace
The West and Our Ancestors encouraging us to continue on our Divine Paths as Elders of the New Humanity
The North always reminding us of how in Our Evolutionary Path We must always follow the Light which leads us out of the Darkness

We are in this quiet space now as the we move into the year 2020 in which the opportunities to re-create everything in Our Lives is being given a golden opportunity.

Our collective…

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All are innocent

Love's Beginning

Nothing–no separate thing–can threaten you. We hear you laughing. You try being embodied, you say. The cars coming at you are very realistic! So let’s sit in appreciation for a moment, looking together at the matrix of experience, of possibility, you have made. We are saying made versus created, and that is the difference between believed and experienced and simply Is. Look at how remarkable it is to believe that you can be harmed. To believe that you harm. To believe that you can die. None of these things is possible, and yet they appear to happen in your chosen dreams.

Let us go, you said. Let us go into the dream and help our dear siblings to emerge from it.

Am I hearing you correctly? Because when I tune into what comes next, I’m hearing the Earth experience referred to that “that mess,” and you don’t usually…

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Allowing world transformation

Love's Beginning

Peace is your inheritance and the inheritance of all. In other words, all are truly wealthy. When you feel disturbed, Peace is always much, much closer than you think. Conditions in a storyline do not have to be worked out before you can experience Peace. Peace is your nature, and it is your content. It fills up who you are, so to speak. If you have the experience of anything else, it is because you have made a decision to have the Peace that you Are obscured.

Peace is not earned or merited. All are fully worthy of Peace at all times. If you persist in believing that another is not worthy of full and complete Peace, you hold off the time when you allow yourself to experience the same, because you are that other. There is no distinct border line between you and that other. You have given yourself…

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Walking your higher path


DSC_0917crp sacred sind.JPG

_20191226_212706 manifest sind.JPG

We are closing a year
Closing a decade
Closing an energetic cycle
Many challenges
Many lessons learned
We have grown
We are ready
Ready to manifest our higher selves.
Take the time these days to review your life and see what may be hindering you and what patterns, thoughts or behaviors may bring you towards situations that do not serve you.
See if there is any lingering past hurt that you are holding in your vibration and not releasing.
Move beyond the hurt
There lies your freedom
Who you are is much more powerful than anything that attempts to limit you
Yes you are to put up healthy bounderies and not allow those who bring to you any lower energies or disrespect into your life
But as you turn to your life
Dont harbor any of that
Let it go
You are destined for so much more
Dont linger in…

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Find your willingness for the undoing

Love's Beginning

We invite you today to observe and feel the force that encourages you to view everything and everyone as separate and as having unequal value. Notice how ego tells you that it will sort everything out, make sense of everything, and tell you what to do. The voice of ego must be critical and it must see threat in order to operate through you. You are host, and ego is parasite. Ego can only run when you allow it.

When you begin to see that ego makes no sense at all and can only deliver insane messages that project an insane world, you stop listening to its messages. In this way, ego loses you as a host. Because there is only one of you and all minds are connected, ego then loses everyone as a host. Sanity seems to spread like a very loving virus, and you all wake up…

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