Prior to the stage dressing

Love's Beginning

The only thing that can be insulted is not real. Therefore, if someone seems to insult you, they are alerting you to your attachment to an unreal self that can only bring pain. It’s a favor. If you’re willing to go into this sincerely, to see what thoughts come up and to find your willingness to let those thoughts go, you are served by this experience. You do not want to be attached to that which gives you pain.

Where you feel resistance to an experience, you’re being given a chance to feel your resistance to Love. If you feel resistance to an experience, it means you believe that something can threaten you. If you believe something can threaten you, you believe that what you are can be threatened. Look upon this belief. Find a thought related to it. Offer it up. Here is the the key to your freedom–the…

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You are here to Thrive and Shine


We are wrapping up all kinds of situations that do not Align with our highest good 
If you are  struggling
Remember that which feels right energizes you and that which doesnt, drains you. 
If you feel you have been attracting dysfunctional situations of lack
Understand that
Anything delivering a sign of lack is catering /mirroring any feelings of lack you still have within you
Now is the time to
Strengthen the core of who you are
Strengthen your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional existence. 
Strengthen everything that expresses
 I Am
Be proud of who you are
Fall in love with who you are 
You already have everything you need within you
Release expectations and needs from
anyone or anything outside of yourself
You have so much more power than you realize
When you reach that place of self fulfillment that is full of self respect, love and appreciation

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Rehumanizing the Global Heart 2

Reflections of Riverman

Rehumanizing the Global Heart 2

The river of human life has 7.9 billion beating hearts
and is heard and felt around the world
it never stops beating but fails to be heard

Each individual heartbeat is our connection
to Mother Earth and all of humanity
let us take a moment to feel it pulsing

Humanity is more than just our heartbeat
and is a state of being socially compassionate
and willing to be kind and caring

Knowing that from our heart center
we have an amazing power that has been
closed down to a trickle and controlled

Each of us need to find the hidden love
deep within our own hearts and open the floodgates
so that it pours forth and once again nourishes all

Think of rehumanizing the Global Heart
as swimming in the flow of Love once again
without fear or judgment in order to benefit everyone


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