Love of a magnitude never before experienced in human form fills each one’s heart.

Jesus through John

Jesus audio Blog for Saturday September 28th

Constant change is an aspect of the illusion which is constantly being demonstrated by the “passage of time.”  Time, too, is an aspect of the illusion; in Reality there is only Now!  That makes no sense to beings in form because you have clear memories of times that have past, and you have ongoing expectations, moment to moment, that show you that in the future certain events will probably occur, and that other, as yet unknown events, will also occur.  Time and change are two facets of the same material environment in which you experience your existence as humans in form.  Most clearly seen and acknowledged as your bodies grow, strengthen, and develop emotionally and intellectually from infancy to adulthood, then maintain that state for a number of years, followed by the aging process that leads to bodily death and decay.  And your…

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Arcturian Group Message September 22, 2019 | Marilyn Raffaele @

Rainbow Wave of Light

  SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

Welcome once again to the Arcturian Group messages.
Everything is proceeding according to plan although it may not seem that way.  Each day as more people awaken and begin to question the status quo, the collective consciousness grows lighter.  Many more are now beginning to ponder higher ways of living as they recognize that that which they have always accepted without question does not serve the majority.
Much of the old energy remains alive and well  but do not be fooled by appearances for the changes taking place in individual consciousness are beginning to manifest outwardly. This does not mean everything is going to suddenly become roses and light, but rather means that increasingly the obsolete creations of duality and separation are being recognized and rejected.
A great deal of exposure is going to take place in the next year.  Those who refuse…

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Your foundation is unwavering

Love's Beginning

There is only goodness, and there is nothing outside of goodness.  Know this, and know this deeply. Know this beyond all surface appearances. Know this each time a judgment arises in your mind to fool you. This all the work of illusion using thought, and always underneath that surface of illusion there is the unwavering foundation of Truth. Reach for that Truth, always. More than that, abide in that Truth. Stay there, knowing how loved you and all are.

It seems as if not-goodness is possible in this world, and there is your proof that this is an insane world, manufactured by insane thoughts. Why is it here? It seems to be here because you wanted it. You wanted to know what not-harmony would be like, and not-harmony is only possible in an illusion or dream, when you have allowed yourself to forget the glory you are, the innocence you…

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Thought For The Day: Sept. 16, 2019 “The Pitty Train”

The Desert Path

Happy Monday,

Our quote for today is about having the courage to move forward. Life happens to everyone, some of its good, some is bad and there is a whole lot of in between stuff. It can be easy to get caught up in the bad stuff if we allow it to happen. A short ride on the pitty train is ok, often necessary and can provide some much needed perspective. The important thing is to get off the train. You have things to do, tiny miracles to embrace and new blessings to make room for!


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‘Tis hard for man to rouse his spirit up—


‘Tis hard for man to rouse his spirit up—
It is the human creative agony,
Though but to hold the heart an empty cup,
Or tighten on the team the rigid rein.
Many will rather lie among the slain
Than creep through narrow ways the light to gain—
Than wake the will, and be born bitterly.

But he who would be born again indeed,
Must wake his soul unnumbered times a day,
And urge himself to life with holy greed;
Now ope his bosom to the Wind’s free play;
And now, with patience forceful, hard, lie still,
Submiss and ready to the making will,
Athirst and empty, for God’s breath to fill.

~ From Diary of an Old Soul by George MacDonald.

Text & image source: _/_Peggy @ ECUMENICUS
Photo: sunessenceyoga

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