Message from Yeshua: “The Core of your Transformation is Divine Love”~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda 2.25.19


Hello Everyone! I’ve missed you all. Thank you for your patience while I have been away from public channeling…I am so happy to offer you this channeling from Yeshua today…Blessings and Love to All ~ Fran

Message from Yeshua:

Greetings Beloveds,

Deep inside you is transformation, of a kind and form and manner not witnessed or experienced ever. It has the quality of complete annihilation at times of all you once stood for, of all you have identified yourself with. It is a refinement and yet sometimes subtle remaking of everything you once knew. It plunges deep into your psyche and your knowing and your awareness like never before.

What do you make of this, dear ones? Where is your basis or grounding point now? It is simply to ground into Love like never before. Forget all you feel or perceive as falling apart, and launch yourselves, dear ones…

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Talking to the wild things

Druid Life

Here’s a typical scenario. We are walking, and there are deer in a nearby field. We stop to look at them and the deer become aware of the scrutiny and look round. The deer see us. If there’s something about our location or direction that bothers them, they may just leave, but often they don’t. Often they give it a little while and check us out. At this point one of us will normally speak to them, saying in a calm and clear voice that we mean them no harm, and we aren’t coming into their field. Usually at this point, the deer go back to whatever they were doing.

A squirrel who has stopped beyond arm’s reach doesn’t always run away when spoken to. The same with foxes. Sometimes also small birds. Without a doubt, some of it is about not making sudden and dramatic moves, and not doing…

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Connecting with Us ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have established a strong connection with many of you who receive these transmissions on a regular basis, and we are very pleased with how well you receive us. We want you to know that as ninth dimensional beings, we are non-physical. And therefore, we can be everywhere all at once, because we are essentially nowhere. We are part of who you are, and you are a part of who we are.

Therefore, there is no distance that needs to be traveled. We are Arcturian because that star system is where we evolved and ascended from. It doesn’t mean that we are spending all of our time there, and you certainly don’t have to reach out to a far away place to reach us. We want you to know that these truths we are sharing…

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Allow the voice of disturbance to melt

Love's Beginning

We invite you to use the breath today. Use one conscious breath whenever you feel disturbed. Ask, “What is your will for me?”

Just ask the question. That is all that is needed. And see what comes in the wake of that. You seem to refer to a false will, an insecure will to guide your actions. You refer to a will that speaks loudly of your likes and dislikes. It speaks loudly of what you want and of what is required to satisfy you. Just hear this voice of ego. Listen. If you can hear it in awareness, it melts as it is exposed to the light.

As you allow that melting, you allow remembrance of who you are, who everyone else is. As that remembrance strengthens, you allow the Wholeness and the harmony of us to give you stage directions and lines. And as you go deeper, it’s…

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A reminder for when you are feeling broken


When the highs of life are replaced by the lows, it seems like the suffering is never going to go away. I am usually very naïve about this, because the eternal optimist in me always believes that if I am happy right now, there won´t come a time when I will be sad again and that if I know better today, I won´t be tempted to do it the same old way tomorrow. So, if you have found yourself in one of those famously infamous lows, I would like to hold your hand while you read the following words, wipe away a few tears from your lovely face and tell you that you don´t have to hold it all together anymore. If it hurts too much, cry, because sometimes tears are cleansing and stars will shine for you only if you are not afraid to go out into the darkness…

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Are you connected?


Imagine for an instant that you have this one wonderful relationship in your life. The person we are talking about loves you unconditionally. They love you when you are happy and they love you the same when you are sad. They love the way you walk, they love the way you talk and they love you even when you are deeply asleep. They tell you nothing but beautiful things all day long. When you are not sure about yourself, they tell you that they believe in you, they love you and that you can be and do whatever it is you set your heart on. When you are mean, frustrated, discouraged, they never judge or condemn you. They praise you wherever they go, because they know your true heart and its desires. Wouldn´t it be amazing to be in such a relationship? If are reading these words, it is because…

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A Message to Lightworkers – February 26, 2019 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Forever Unlimited

A Message to Lightworkers – February 26, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends! We are happy to have this time to speak with you.

We wish to speak with you today about your own growth and journey.

And so we ask that you take your eyes off of what is occurring outwardly in your world for a moment.

World events that many have considered to be highly negative have occurred on the Earth for many thousands of years.

These do not necessarily define the quality of your life, or even the full quality of life experienced by those facing the brunt of these events.

And so we would ask that you release thoughts of the outer world for a moment, and grow quiet now, and move into the heartspace for…

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You chose a simulation

Love's Beginning

Allow us to tell you a story about what you didn’t do. It’s just a story. You wondered what not-joy would be like, and then time and space were born. When you perceived the limits of time and space, you panicked. Panicking was never possible outside this simulation. Just after you panicked, you began to believe that the simulation was real. Here you stayed, taking on many identities across time and space.  You thought that you had actually ripped a hole in harmony, but that was never possible.

All that ever happened was that you believed a simulation was real.

You are now receiving a call to return to your natural inheritance. That call comes from the Love you are. It’s important that you understand that you have never actually done anything other than to give yourself a believable experience of the impossible. If you believe you have actually done…

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