The Council of Nine: LOVE IS

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Fading Rose
Fading Rose

The Council of Nine: Love

Love is the foundation of the Universe yet much of humanity assigns to love the mere status of an emotion.

Love has the power to break down barriers, melt hearts and transform anger into acceptance, and yet humans have mistaken love as being a physical or emotional experience.

Lust or physical attraction has been called love, yet it is not. Love is not dependent on how beautiful or sexy a person may be. It simply is.

Most love that has been experienced by humans appears to be conditional in nature, dependent on how someone responds to their lover or not. It is believed that love can be withheld. It cannot, as love is… everywhere. It permeates the very fabric of Creation.

As a common human expression, it is said that hearts can be broken. They can, figuratively, but not by true love.


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a prayer to be healed

Mystic Morning Blog

the sickness of forgetfulness

has left me delirious

the fever has invaded my being

my head swims heaving seas of anxiety, excess

I shiver with desires and fears

emotions and feelings leave beads of sweat on my brow

tightness in my chest

an aching in my stomach

my heart races

my eyesight blurred

my hearing confused

my appetite swings from gluttony to disinterest

the cancer grows

hoped for and envisioned happiness, this is not

it is a delirium,

a profound stupor of mythic proportions

a disease of human condition

an illness of the senses

an infection of the perceptions

these illnesses of the mind

an innocent host of this virus

they are destroying my body

let me please stir from these disturbing dreams

and refrain from them forever

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Here And Now

Reflections of Riverman


Blessings to All as we greet another moment with each other.
The title of today’s talk came very quickly as I read a Course In Miracles quote;

Heaven is here,

There is nowhere else.

Heaven is now,

There is no other time.

(M,61 Sayings From A Course In Miracles)

if we look around at the world right now, it certainly does not seem to be very Heavenly and appears to many as a prison.

The earliest definitions of Heaven I could find were “home of God,” and earlier “the visible sky, firmament,” and “a heavenly place; a state of bliss.”
‘Here and Now’ is not feeling very heavenly.

Yet if we can shift our awareness from what is outside or around us and come deeper into our heart space, we may find the opportunity to reclaim the more profound relationship to what we…

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Tazjma: Wrestling with Inner Darkness

Sunny's Journal


Tazjma: On Wrestling with Inner Darkness

Note to Reader: It is nearly five years ago when ‘I’ (Taz) was summarily told to leave the house I had just moved into with a friend and was later dumped at a motel on the Saturday of a three-day holiday. Things are different. Now, I’m ‘in charge’ and still doing some clearing work for Taz… which I agreed to do before arriving ‘on the scene’ as it were… I swear clearing work is a full-time occupation when on this Earth plane of existence. Or downloading. Or feeling the existential despair and confusion from fellow inhabitants of this strange planet. Anyway, this story of Taz’s might be useful for some:

Taz: For the past couple of months I’ve been wrestling with a bit of reactionary energy that has kept manifesting as a deep-seated anger. Any anger is ultimately self-directed, whether or not there appears…

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Love's Beginning

Whatever the problem seems to be, it’s already been solved. Ego will speak to you of many different problems each day. When you believe you are in time and space, the problems seem to be present moment, but every problem is always in the past, never now. The problem seems to be now, but this is only illusion.

Are you willing to see proof that every problem has already been solved? Ask to be shown, and you will be shown. Whenever you seem to experience a problem, remember this: It’s done. It’s over. It’s already been solved. Time and space are over, and harmony is eternal. Simply ask us to show you how this is so, and you will be shown. You need not struggle over what has already been resolved.

Being willing to see proof that the problem has already been solved requires no future focus and no attempts…

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Tazjma & Sundeelia: On Religion as a Tool of the Dark

Sunny's Journal

Quan Yin, Goddess of Mercy

Tazjma & Sundeelia: On Religion as a Tool of the Dark

Note to Readers: This piece was originally written by Tazjma in 2013 or so and has been added onto by me. Soon, revelations will be coming to the masses of humanity that support my own intuitive understandings of how humanity has been lied to by the leaders of religion for thousands of years for no matter what religion we are talking about, they have all been infiltrated by the Dark to one degree or another…

~ ~ ~

Oh, what kind of can of worms am I opening now? I realize that much of what I write is potentially upsetting to those who have found solace in the teachings of their religion. I’m not going to apologize, however, as some of the leaders of those religions have used those same teachings as weapons against…

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Sundeelia: How is Karma Balanced?

Sunny's Journal

Goddess of Justice, Radiant Rose Academy

Sundeelia: How is Karma Balanced?

“People get into a heavy-duty sin and guilt trip, feeling that if things are going wrong, that means that they did something bad and they are being punished. That’s not the idea at all. The idea of karma is that you continually get the teachings that you need to open your heart. To the degree that you didn’t understand in the past how to stop protecting your soft spot, how to stop armoring your heart, you’re given this gift of teachings in the form of your life, to give you everything you need to open further.” Pene Chodron, Buddhist Master

Here is another suggested topic based on what I have shared about what I remember from a couple of past lives:

Chris: I think I might be correct in assuming that you incurred in negative karma with your…

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mother nature’s flame

Mystic Morning Blog

smouldering within each of us

a tender ember

waiting for your breath

waiting since birth

a breath of love

a breath of life

a breath of an ancient promise

she waits

for your

tender care

for in her lies a gift of eternal life

her smokey scent

curls about you

softly whispering of something lost

a hearth long ago that warmed

casting shadows with her precious light

surrounded by laughter and joy

all she asks

is for your breath

wrapped in a profound humility

to give her life

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Sanat Kumara: Be like an oasis in the desert

Sunny's Journal

Hibiscus, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sanat Kumara: Be like an oasis in the desert

via Tazjma Kumara VaCoupe Dino

I AM Sanat Kumara, co-Regent of Venus along with my Divine Complement, Lady Venus. I long served as planetary logos for the Earth, from the holy city of Shamballa, home of the Ascended Masters and connection to your sister world, the neighboring planet of Venus. Through the ages prior to the great Fall of Man, I have played many roles and presented many faces to many cultures. Some know me as Ahura Mazda; Skanda, the warrior son of Siva (Shiva); and to some I am known as the Ancient of Days. Whatever my name, whatever face that I present to your consciousness, I am one with you within the secret sanctuary of your Heart.

I have come to offer my thoughts, my counsel and my encouragement, along with those of my…

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swimming as one

Mystic Morning Blog

Oh dear Krishna, let your precious heart of protection, compassion, tenderness and love unleash the cisterns of your essence through the people

with a vibrancy and grace only known from your presence.

Let your breath fill and sustain them with a power to overcome their sleep.

For in you the future lies.

The multitudes of temples among the masses of people await your grace.

Awaken the early birds and fill them with your wisdom that they can awaken the masses on your behalf.

Let the people begin to clear the clutter from your precious homes.

Let them hear your bugles and trumpets from far and wide.

They are not whole without you.

Oh dear Krishna to be so blessed to swim in your calm waters, the people will rejoice.

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