Love's Beginning

Set your gaze inward. Inward is where your treasure lies. Inward is the direction in which to go if you wish to guide all those you call other to their treasure, equally available and equally deserved. Inward is where truth lies. Inward is where you leave confusion behind.

When something outside seems to disturb, it’s diverting your attention away from a belief you hold: What I am is too terrible to behold. You have been fooling yourself about yourself. Because you have a hidden belief that what you are is dangerous, destructive, and damaging, you attempt to deal with the pain of this belief by distracting yourself with the many details of an imaginary world, busying yourself with judging the many fantasy aspects of a pretend world. When you are done with distractions, you can confront this belief you are holding and allow it to dissolve.

Because you hold this…

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