DIVINE FREQUENCY – How Your DNA Links to the Earth Grids – by Laura Eisenhower – 10-17-18

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(Laura Eisenhower)

Our DNA is directly linked with the Earth grids, that have electric and magnetic ley lines, representing the Masculine and Feminine, just like our bodies.

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by Laura Eisenhower, October 14th, 2018

Our DNA is directly linked with the Earth grids, that have electric and magnetic ley lines, representing the Masculine and Feminine, just like our bodies.

Our DNA is also connected to the elements, the nucleic acids are carriers. The Magnetic field of the Earth (feminine) is just like the flow of our energy bodies circulation, the electric (masculine) stimulates the nervous system.  It has a Soul and Spirit spark interplay.

Thanks to   https://thedivinefrequency.com/2018/10/17/how-your-dna-links-to-the-earth-grids/

The Electro-Magnetic spectrum opens us to the full field of available energy.

The impact the dark technologies have had on the grids has a direct impact on us, it…

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From Whence Cometh Happiness? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, come hand in hand with Me. This is to say: Be self-sufficient. You are not hapless. Be Godness first and foremost. Hold your head high. Fill your heart full of joy.

Life is to bolster you and absolutely not to cut you off. Be bursting with joy. All is possible. All is possible for you. All is possible for everyone. Life does not have to be difficult.

Pretend you are at the dentist, and open wide. Nor must you be spectacularly elated at every moment. Open your heart to all. Sure, be open-minded, yet it is more to the point to be open-hearted. Rely on your heart more than you rely on thinking.

Thinking can only go so far. A high IQ is nice. Sometimes you think too much and to distraction. A big heart is more to the point. Thinking can be overdone.

Your life depends…

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Challenges that Span Lifetimes ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun the process of examining your problems from a larger point of view, and we have noticed that your problems are stemming from more than just something that you’ve done to create them in this lifetime. We like to refer to your problems as challenges because you can see the point in facing a challenge, but problems just seem to exist for no one’s benefit.

The challenges that you are facing now are the ones that you’ve been facing for lifetimes, and they are the challenges that your genetic line has also faced over and over again. You are here to change your approach in this lifetime. This is one of the things that you came to do. You came to address the challenges that you have been unable to face and triumph…

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Beloved, Absolutely, Swing on a Star! | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, Beloved You, Child of Earth, you are truly a symphony of beauty as I made you. Now you play yourself on the keys of a beautifully polished grand piano. You may tend to play urgently, as if life itself could be endangered. This is more than one way of looking at life. There are many ways to look at life, not all of which do you a whole lot of good.

You may look at life as though you live in a jungle in pitch dark surrounded by wild animals waiting to get their chops on you. You know what fear is. You are well-versed in fear – expert in fact. It may be your own roaring you hear for all you know. Give yourself a vacation from fear. All is well except for the fear you hold tightly to you and replay and replay.

There are…

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Your Ascension ~ Stepping Up to The Plate

The New Divine Humanity

Are YOU feeling attacked or severely feeling challenged in some way in your physical world?

What is happening (during the challenge) is the experience of our consciousness STRETCHING ~ which forces us to trust more, to let go of old beliefs and to LIVE MORE PRESENTLY in the now.

Do what it takes to live for today.

Do not live for a future, that is all too well-known in 3D and 4th Dimensional consciousness through habit.

We are letting GO of those old outdated modes of thinking.

Similar to breaking a habit the DISSOLVING process can feel very uncomfortable.

Let us step UP to the PLATE, so to speak, and RISE in our awareness to what is WE ARE Eternally.

Eternity exists ONLY in the present moment. When OUR filter of consciousness is dissolved and doesn’t base what is happening on a FUTURE or PAST outcome.

This as yay know…

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Archangel Michael ~ Incoming Angelic Frequencies, 11~11~11 Triple Energy Master Portal ~ October 28, 2018

Rose Rambles...

By Celia Fenn

How to Embody the Incoming Angelic Frequencies for the New Earth

Beloved Earth Family, we know that this has been a tumultuous time on your Earth, and that many of you have found it difficult to keep moving forward.

As you move towards the completion of the year 2018, you will find that there will be a “completion” of many things that you no longer require in your lives moving forward to the New Earth.

These may be things such as people and relationships, jobs, homes or even places that you were once drawn to. But be assured, beloved ones, that new light and new blessings are moving in to take their place as you move to enter into 2019.

You are now approaching the powerful 11/11 Time Gate and Galactic Portal of Initiation that occurs on the 11th of November. And this year, the portal…

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The approach of major change | The Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

For several months, you have collectively been feeling the approach of major change. We confirmed this for you. We confirmed it through many channels. Your most frequently voiced response has been ‘bring it on’. You always interpret things according to your most dearly held desires. But a new world contains far more than that.

Now it is, of course, a wonderful thing to have built a mental picture of the world you desire to live in. We highly recommend it. But one must also be able to see that there is a road to be traveled between where you are and that new world. And roads invariably have bumps and potholes. There will be shadowy things hiding in wait, and things that go ‘Boo!’, and washed out bridges.

You said ‘Bring it on’ and you have brought it on. Or, more accurately, as co-creators you have each contributed to bringing…

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