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We are within the energy of the New Moon which has ocurred yesterday.
You may be feeling extra emotional at this time.
We are reaching the end of a karmic cycle.
Old scenarios may revisit for review.
Emotions may arise aswell
Let them
Move through these emotions to be able to clear them
Make sure not to stay stuck in them
This energy needs to be thoroughly released.
This is also an opportunity to see all the different ways in which you are still clinging to these situations, emotions and energies
For this is exactly where your blockages are.
As you move through this you will be rising above it all to embody more of your higher consciousness, understanding more about situations and where you truly are in regards to all this.
Looking closely you can see much more of your truth.
Going through these situations has made you such…

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Be a Fisherman of What You Desire | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

You have too many thoughts, beloveds. They race through your head. They fill your head up. What do you want to fill your head with? Not so much of what’s probably in there now.

Your mind sets a tone. It forecasts. Encourage your mind to forecast good weather.

Your mind has issued many warnings. Sometimes it is a wonder that you can get out of bed in the morning. How can you greet the day when so many of the thoughts you have filled your head with have filled your heart with worry?

Will you call to you the thoughts you relish and drop off the thoughts that keep you bound?

You may well have drawn conclusions. Because of disappointments that took place last year or yesterday, you tend to condemn yourself to more of the same. You say to yourself and perhaps to others: “Look, A, B…

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999 Dark Portal Daily Protection Practise


The whole world and his cosmic canine have come to watch the greatest show on earth, of light and dark playing out in Gaia’s ascension field. Starseed, lightworkers, light missionaries, healers, shaman, time travellers, cosmonauts walking the material plane, we are being hit with a force field of intense dark frequencies. Heavy vibrations carrying emotive wavelengths engineered to corrode integrity, dissolve self esteem, corrupt core strength, cut cords between chakras, fill our energy fields with negativity and generally fuk us right up. We stand our ground, drenched in the light of crystalline lightwaves. We are activating as light beings inside a dark matrix. Dark portals are psychic attack on a grand, global, mass scale. Yep. I’m not kidding. The 999 CERN activated corridor of darkness (the cabal really are this stupid) is doing three things to us. You ready folks, its hardcore. *triggers ahead*

Flooding the material plane with astral…

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A transparent game

Love's Beginning

You have been playing a game. Let’s call it the inequality game. You have been pretending that there are hazards and villains and death. You have become so absorbed in this game of pretend that you have nearly forgotten that that you are a player. The playing is a defense mechanism. It’s a defense against remembering who you are.

If you remember who you are, then you remember what you think you did. If you face up to what you did and come out of the hiding place of your game, your creator will destroy you. Thus goes your reasoning. You experience this world because you are certain that you are in trouble. You continue to experience this world because you are certain that you must hide.

There is a flaw in your reasoning, however. You haven’t done anything. You seem to have unleashed chaos within peace, but that is…

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What sort of world will Truth make?

Love's Beginning

We wish to draw your attention to chains of action. During your day, one action seemingly follows another and then another, and some of these action sequences can be seen as revolving around a central concept. Take the action of doing laundry. All of the actions in doing the laundry revolve around the idea of getting the clothes clean.

When a chain of action is based on one faulty thought, you can feel the tension strung through those actions. You can feel a something-offness, and this ability to notice that you are not feeling good only expands as you learn the importance of valuing how you feel.

When you feel that something-offness, we ask you not to judge your actions or the actions of any other, but simply to stop and align. We remind you again that to attempt to judge your actions or any actions is useless because it…

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On the Front Lines | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Sometimes you may feel as though you are on the front lines. There is a battle going on, and you are right out there fighting it, or you skirt around danger that seems to lurk everywhere. You have your sword ready. You fight off foes. You have to be on alert and wear your Tevlar vest. What is this battle? Are you at war? Have you considered life a danger zone and that you must be on guard? You are ready to duel. You will take pot shots because you think you have to in order to get through the brambles.

Where does this tenseness in your body come from? What are you affrighted of? What is it that makes sleep difficult? Who or what is the enemy you guard yourself from? Who or what has dug a pit that, at any moment, you could fall into? Who…

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