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Issue #231

March 2018

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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted with Love and dedication to the Light

This newsletter has been in circulation, hard copy and online, since 1986 and reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers. One to one, light to Light, it births itself into completion from that point forward, feel free to share this information.

Quantum Newsletters have been lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’ by Suzy Peralta from Argentina for many years.

Thank you dear Lady of Light


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Courtesy of Ascension Energies

March Ascension Update Anastacia-Blue Beyond – Last update shared: ”Well here it is, it is coming and it has already started!! The energies are very elevated and high right now…off the ‘scales’ in the human”  Please continue reading


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The daffodils are gone, but

The daffodils showed up early this year in middle February, (seeming two weeks or so early) and met their end to a February frost. As did the white pear tree blossoms. Yet, the redbuds are in full flower, here in north Mississippi, the land of cotton; the tiny violet Spring Beauties sprang up weeks ago, as did the yellow cup-like flowers of the muscadine. The oaks and red maples, hackberry, fruit trees are leafing out right now. The pecans look like giant sticks and spokes of a wheel, as if winter has them still in her grasp. That is not unusual. The lawns are greening and speckled with tiny wildflowers, violet, whites, and yellows. Wisteria abounds in yards, and shrubbery and trees alongside roadside ditches. The bees can be seen now, the bumblebee, the red wasp, and housefly. Not in huge numbers, a few at a time. April has yet to shower us with even more color, as the days grow longer now. The birds are busy in the trees and soon, if not already, sparrows and robins and mockingbird will have young to raise. It is a wondrous time of the year.

What if

I play with the idea, as the Arcturians recently recommended, to allow myself to believe that already I living my life in the 5th dimension. What is different, what is changed from what I once was a being only aware of what my senses and reason allowed. That is for certain. That I am awakened, however, it still feels like the tip of the iceberg only. The whole of it has yet to be realized. And the dream marches on.


I am hearing the persistent chirruping of the Carolina wren late this morning in March. Santa Fe is wounded; I am giving up its repair to the Universal Flow and letting the angels work out the kinks-as I await my life, feeling like I am “waiting in the wings” and getting that fluttering feeling in my stomach right before I go onstage. And I sense I am ready and pray that I am-yet I change and grow in every moment; there is ne’er a time in which I am not changing, evolving, and ascending. It feels good to be alive today.

To be or Not to be, That is the Question ~ Father God, 27 March 2018

Thank you for the clarity of this message.

We Signed Up For This

My beloved children,

Today I would like you to remember another higher dimensional concept that you are now ready to embrace. Every day you are getting closer and closer to Nova Gaia. With every message channeled, we are fulfilling our promise to you. A promise to remind you of the truth of: Who You Are, Where You Came From and What You Can Be.

Every single one of these messages contain Divine Light Codes; meant to awaken you more and more to the wise, powerful, multidimensional Being that is your Higher Self.

These messages are written to help you permanently break, shatter and destroy ALL third-dimensional concepts/beliefs that are very deeply entrenched within you and then, awaken you to the higher dimensional concepts/beliefs that many of you have forgotten ~ after being physically embodied on Earth for so long.

What if…

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