Your Ability to Recover ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are singularly focused on one aspect of the evolution of your consciousness at this time, and that aspect we have taken such a profound interest in is your ability to recover. Recovering is like ascending. First, you create a scenario for yourself in your life where a dip occurs in your overall vibration. You feel worse because of something that you’ve co-created in your life, and then comes the willingness to go through that experience and those emotions so that you can keep on with your lives. And one thing we have noticed is that it’s usually not easy. It certainly is painful, and we’ve also noticed that even when you get to that place of relief, you still may not have recovered fully on the first go round.

Recovery can be something that…

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Breaking open



Your heart is breaking open
Your heart is expanding
To reveal more understanding
More vulnerablity
More truth
Deeper truth about your old wounds and how it all connects to your present reality are being revealed if you allow them to.
Allow your barriers to come down for all this precious unfoldment to occur,
Perhaps in dreams at night or in daydreams.
Your days may seem somewhat cloudy and blurry at the moment so that more deeper truth about yourself can come to surface.
You may be feeling out of sorts, confused about your journey and what way to go.
Allow this cloudiness to envelop you so that more truth can come to surface.
This is an important process though may feel uncomfortable and perhaps even a bit painful,
Yet it allows you to discover more deeper truth about yourself and the way things work/ or dont work for you.

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Being conducted through the physical

Love's Beginning

Reality is not physical. The physical is a very real-seeming experience you are delivering to yourself by relying upon the lens of separate identity. You have to rely upon the lens of separate identity to believe the physical is real, and you have to rely upon the lens of separate identity to suffer. To appear here, in this guise, reflects a decision to suffer.

Let’s go slowly here. Watch any reactivity that comes up in response to the idea of a decision to suffer. Anger, guilt, blame, struggle…any of it? Do you feel anything? It is true that you decided to deliver unto yourself an experience of suffering only possible within an illusion, but it is equally true that suffering will never be a consequence of making that decision. You came “here” for the suffering. Suffering doesn’t actually exist outside of an illusion.

Another experience you can deliver unto yourself…

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A New Day!


A New Day

If life seems at its lowest ebb,
Because a day’s gone wrong.
Let not your heart be troubled,
For a new day soon will dawn

And we can never be quite sure,
Just what it has in store.
Since each one is so different,
Than the one just gone before

As it penetrates the darkness,
With its soft and tranquil beams.
It calms even the most restless soul,
And brings new hopes and dreams

So when a days been troubled,
And the night is dark and long.
Lift up your fallen spirits,
For a new day soon will dawn.

by Anonymous

Artist Anne Searle
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

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