Once again

Chaos abounds

Once again

This is exactly where

Certain energies

Wish to get you to

To destabilize you

And distract you

From the truth


From your higher path

Much like a thief

Who comes and creates havoc

In one point

So he can distract you

And do his mischief

Undetected at another point

All is not as it seems

The media

Is working hard

To portray

An illusion

To create panic

And distract you

From the truth

This is not the first time..

The truth is

Efforts are being made

To counteract

And uproot longheld evil in the world

These efforts have been going on

Behind the scenes

For a while


We are approaching

The round up and closing of this cycle

And some actions will be done

In ways to expose more of the hidden evil


No.. Everything is not how it seems


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