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Myka: On Simplicity

Here is another delicious and very wise quote from Kerry K, an ascension teacher from South Africa. I encourage you to have a listen to her YouTube channel. Today, she wrote this on her Telegram channel:

Life is simple. When I say those three words, many people shut off because there is a knee-jerk response within them that says “that’s impossible!” Their lives are often testimony to complexity and hardship; yet, when all the maddening chaos finally wears itself out, because inevitably it will, what is left is a strange and barely recognizable place called – simplicity. When you come upon that simplicity, especially if you’ve been away from it for a long time, you may experience a surreal recollection of this space, as if a distant memory is waking up.

Aaah, simplicity. It always returns, although that’s not technically correct. Simplicity never goes anywhere; it is…

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