Screenshot_20200513-230928~240 days and 40 Nights of Venus/ Inanna Metamorphosis

Venus/ Inanna on the final leg of her Shamanic Journey of 19 months Now goes retrograde ( May 13) for 40 days and 40 Nights …She Enters this Retrograde Radiant in her Regal Goddess Power and Brightest Light as Evening Star /Queen of Heaven and Earth as the Libra MetaGoddess Archetype and will emerge at the other end as The Morning Star of The Gemini MetaGoddess Archetype…

Hence 40 days and 40 Nights of Metamorphosis or Shape Shifting/ of initiations and tests and trials….much like the Covid Portal we are currently traversing….where we take the lessons , learnings ,wisdom of one Archetype/ Time spirals …amalgamate them/ revise them/ review them and plug in the loopholes so that we carry within our Energy Fields the Highest Summarized Version of what this Archetype ( Libra MetaGoddess/ Timespiral ( right from Lemurian times till…

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