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Editor’s Note: (Thanks E!) This is a wonderful message clarifying Ascension for many. The exposure of organized religion as a tool of control is discussed intelligently and will cause many to revalue their own belief systems.

This message lovingly presents information about the on-going future of humanity. Those with open hearts with a child-like wonder will be able to transition (ascend) into another dimension of consciousness. Others who cannot “see” further than current systems of control, will continue to follow their own path through duality with understanding of their own duality in the proper moment for them.

Please read this article, discover who and what you are in your heart, know the moment of transition (ascension) IS upon us, and BE…



The Council of Nine: “The Chosen Ones”

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Council of Nine. This morning we come to test your resolve
to ascend. Do…

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