Love's Beginning

We wish to speak about frenzy in the mind. At times you can become aware of a frenzy in the mind, like an agitated program running. At this point, you will be tempted to call your separate self crazy. You’re right. All the separate selves were originally made of the stuff of insanity, but don’t stop there. Any separate self is not a Real Self. The Real Self, shared by all, is entirely sane. Rely upon this. Rely upon your brother’s sanity, and you rely upon your own.

When you look upon the frenzy, you’re looking at the agitation, the intent to keep oneself separate from one’s Creator, the insane drive to try to keep proving this separation is real. You believe that without this separation, you would die, and you’re right in the sense that all characters have temporary uses.

Characters can be used by the divine to assist…

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