Sandeep Virdi

This powerful new Moon in Libra at 13°24 minutes on 6 October at 10:04pm AEST, with Sun and Mars by its side activates strong subconscious, repressed and hidden unresolved emotions. It is no ordinary new Moon, where we can disguise our emotional turmoil and show up as we want to be seen. It is a cosmic alignment which boils our unexpressed, desperate needs to a heighten state, unleashing our emotions aggressively. Each of us will experience a side of our psyche which requires expression from what has been deeply buried, pushed away, ignored and yet attempts to haunt us. Especially in those quiet moments of our days, when we begin to awaken to our own dispositions of what still requires healing, or voiced, and expressed.

It is not an easy week. Even if we’ve developed a strong spiritual practice, or have affirmations assisting us to rise to our best. This…

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