Rose Rambles...

🦁Whenever we are on the precipice of important Gateways ,as we are Now ( definitely feeling the Blue Ray/ Lion / Sirius Energies) …beware of “The Distractions”. 😈These might show up as ” false twin flame energies ( reoccurring/ or new) ” or old “addictions” resurfacing..anything that keeps your energy and concentration too occupied to prevent you from tapping into the Highest Potential these Gateways Hold. 🧬July – August is always significant with respect to personal upgrades and rewiring in line with our highest Soul Potential and Reason for Incarnating in the Now. 👽🧬👽But this time around The 22 Star Nations Forming the Cosmic Diamond are Now poised to play a greater role in our change of trajectory as a collective. A whole new level of ” alien / Starseed Dna is Now getting activated for many to play a greater part as Cosmic Liaisons . In the past few…

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