Rose Rambles...


Family Of Taygeta – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective



Beloved Friends Of Earth!

We Are Of The Light And Our Presence Is To Enhance Your Experience Of Growth Leading To Ascension!

Please Accept Our Wisdom With The Loving Intent We Offer As A Simple Gift.

Many Of Our Messages Are Given In Such A Way That Each Can Find Jewels To Apply To Their Own Life Story.


All Are On A Journey Of The Soul.

We Bow At Your Progress Through It All!

I Will First Address The Importance Of Self Love!

Everyone Wants Someone To Accept Their Body As It Is.

Whether Wrinkles, Deformity, Being Crippled, Or Losing Hair, Everyone Has A Changing Body.

DNit Telegram Channel


Why Not Allow This One That Will Love And Accept Everything, BE YOU!

Love Everything About Your Body!

It Was Designed By Spirit For A Reason And…

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