Mystic Morning Blog

mum, dad

we beg of you

give us life

let us be

Silhouette, group of happy children. Playing on meadow, sunset, summertime stock image

we are brothers and sisters known by many names

wisdom, loving kindness, humility, peace, compassion

we are locked up inside of your hardened heart

hoping to finally be heard

if for a moment you step aside and soften

next time we rise as our nature

give us the emptiness

the sacred space we need to be

to express our selves in this earthly realm

for the only way we can live is through you

allow us to arise unfettered, unblemished by mind

still clothed in our pure innocence

mum, dad

let us breathe

still your minds

and let us be

and we will carry you upon our wings of innocence

for this is the heaven on earth you have all been waiting for

take our tiny hands and let us show you how to be

and you will…

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