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The Angels: Living with Paradox

via Tazjma

Note to Reader: This piece was written by Lady Taz in 2015, now six years ago. Everything said here is now being echoed by others who have also ‘woke’ up to the reality… the realization that they are more than what they appear to be or have been told to believe for their entire life (lives) here on planet Earth.

Like me, anyone has the ability to break free from the false Matrix that has been woven about this planet for thousands of years by an alien force, both physical and non-physical. You do require the ability to create, something that is not a part of the genetic make-up of the opposition. No, they constantly repeat the same patterns, use the same inverted and perverted symbolism and numbers, and continually breakdown what is good and wholesome in favor of what is dark, destructive…

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