Sunny's Journal

Gem Lake

The Sirians: In One Door and Out Another

via Tazjma Kumara VaCoupe Dino

Note to Readers: This piece was written in 2013 before Tazjma knew for sure that she had lived in the Sirian Star System. Today, she is still related to the Sirians through her Mother. I dedicate this to all of our Sirian starseeds who are contributing to the ascension of Terra and humanity. ~ Sunny

We are here.

And who is there?

The Sirian emissaries.


We come in answer to your call, as you came in answer to Gaia’s, so long ago. You are entering an intense transitional period as truly the last remainders of the old begin to disintegrate, much to the dismay of some and the joy and jubilation of others. Where do you stand?

What do you truly want to exist in a world of your own making? Have you given any thought…

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