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Tazjma: On Wrestling with Inner Darkness

Note to Reader: It is nearly five years ago when ‘I’ (Taz) was summarily told to leave the house I had just moved into with a friend and was later dumped at a motel on the Saturday of a three-day holiday. Things are different. Now, I’m ‘in charge’ and still doing some clearing work for Taz… which I agreed to do before arriving ‘on the scene’ as it were… I swear clearing work is a full-time occupation when on this Earth plane of existence. Or downloading. Or feeling the existential despair and confusion from fellow inhabitants of this strange planet. Anyway, this story of Taz’s might be useful for some:

Taz: For the past couple of months I’ve been wrestling with a bit of reactionary energy that has kept manifesting as a deep-seated anger. Any anger is ultimately self-directed, whether or not there appears…

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