Reflections of Riverman


Blessings to All as we greet another moment with each other.
The title of today’s talk came very quickly as I read a Course In Miracles quote;

Heaven is here,

There is nowhere else.

Heaven is now,

There is no other time.

(M,61 Sayings From A Course In Miracles)

if we look around at the world right now, it certainly does not seem to be very Heavenly and appears to many as a prison.

The earliest definitions of Heaven I could find were “home of God,” and earlier “the visible sky, firmament,” and “a heavenly place; a state of bliss.”
‘Here and Now’ is not feeling very heavenly.

Yet if we can shift our awareness from what is outside or around us and come deeper into our heart space, we may find the opportunity to reclaim the more profound relationship to what we…

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