Koyopa Rising

It’s breathtakingly beautiful where I live. Yesterday I took a walk on my favorite trail. A tangible presence of Grace sweeps through me. All of my senses are enlivened. Every sound, every sight, the breeze on my skin connects me to this feeling of oneness. I experienced this level of harmony once before in my life.

As a child, I remember talking with the trees. But not with words. Thankfully, there was no adult to frame, translate, or disregard the conversations I was having. Every natural-world being I communed with grew out of this foundational oneness. Including the tall gold-light beings that people like to call “ET.” One day, everyone around me seemed onboard with the directive that this magic must end. When we are told we must “grow up” and exit the joy of childhood, most of us do. What other options do we have? As the door to…

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