Sunny's Journal

Angel Merkabah

Sundeelia: Reincarnation

Today’s topic is reincarnation. As always, my words are simply a stepping off point for your own studies, if you are interested in such things. I encourage you to pursue your own studies if you have the time and interest. Be careful to observe what kinds of world cultures attract your attention or curiosity. It may be that you spent a lifetime or two in an entirely different culture, religion, or gender. Knowing about reincarnation, can assist you to know yourself in greater depth. Self-mastery comes with self-knowledge and acceptance.

Now, onto the topic. The quote below is from Patricia Cota-Robles, a dignified lady who has been actively involved in teaching about ascension under the guidance of Master St. Germain. Patricia shares her wisdom garnered from her dedicated service to humanity:

‘It does not matter whether we believe in reincarnation or whether we understand that we…

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