Meeting Anubis – a Dream for the Collective

Koyopa Rising

It’s not like we were well acquainted before. And it didn’t hit me until I was recording it in my dream journal a few hours later. The very large dog with tall ears looked exactly like the images in Egyptian mythology. I was compelled to google, “Egypt, god dog with tall pointed ears.” I needed to see if this was the being that had set me free.

While I treasure every little detail, both in client dreams and my own, I will list only the major ones here. I consider this both a personal and collective dream. As an important part of my spiritual work and purpose, I make every attempt to share the collective ones.

Anubis Dream, Feb. 18, 2021
I am running from a dark prison world. I had escaped with a partner who followed behind me. The guards were hunting us. I felt this was a miracle…

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Reflections of Riverman

Home is where the heart isCelebrate Love

Joy – Angel Ramaela
“Joy is food for the soul, the aroma of eternal ecstasy wafting on Heavenly air. Ramaela (raw-May-el-a) flies on wings of Joy and the buds of spring burst forth from her creative fires.” Kimberly Marooney – Angel Blessings

Joy is truly natural.
It is the sign within that tells us
everything is running smoothly.
Joy has no thought process;
it is a natural response to a lack of mental interference.
Transformation is like moving
when minds are focused and tranquil,
our hearts become more powerful
keeping Love alive creates Joy
there is no separation between Love and Joy
in that moment when we radiate a joyful energy field that everyone feels

How many times do we have to stop and search for Joy
or more commonly look for moments of happiness.

Or look for something to shift our…

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And if the world ever tells you that you’re too small…


    And, if the world ever tells you
    That you’re too small
    Tell it
    About the stars
    That light up the dark nights sky
    Tell it
    About the rain drops
    That fill up the oceans deep
    Tell it
    You are not too small
    As you
    Are not alone

    Written by Athey Thompson
    Art by Lily Seika Jones

            Text and image source: Tales of the old forest faeries

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            Attunement event on February 24, 2021 – Golden Flame Reiki of Divine Father

            The silverplatinum flame

            For February 24, 2021, 7 pm CEST (check your timezone here.) I chose the Golden Flame Reiki of Divine Father.

            art by Isabel Henn

            This attunement was channeled by Isabel Henn directly from Divine Father and can help you to: click the link for more information.

            I offer this based on a donation for this event in the range from 7€ up to 12 €. A certificate comes when you donate 12 €.

            You can order by Wednesday February 24, 2021, 6:30 pm CEST, at the latest – so that I can send the manual and guidelines how to call in the energies in time for the event – through sending your donation at my paypaladdress

            I can also send you a paypal invoice if you have troubles sending the money but I need your emailaddress and the name.

            Please write your name or the name of those…

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            Straight Talk for The Soul Show!

            Lightlover Journal

            GREAT NEWS my Heart Family!!!❤️

            I am honored to have been asked to do a show with Cari Murphy-Straight Talk for The Soul!

            April 30- 11:00 am west coast time.

            3.5 MILLION subscribed viewers?

            Yikes! I better get to work and come up with something worthy of such an opportunity.

            It will be an amazing show, full of surprises!

            I am soooooooooo excited!

            Such a Gift.

            Thank you Cari, I am forever grateful.

            Mark it on your calendars and join us will ya?

            Ten Years after my spontaneous awakening…a lot has happened and I have figured some things out…the rest the universe smacked me around until I got it….haha haha.


            And Thank You, my global Heart Family, without your financial support, prayers and love, I would not be here in this now.

            ALSO, I will begin doing individual sessions again as I get settled in my new office finally.



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            Guidance Through The Storm; #20 ~~~ Healing Words From Jeshuwah!

            the celestial team

            Warm greetings to You, Beloved!

            Well! Did You enjoy your Love Bath? (

            As You recall, we asked for your permission beforehand. (Always, we ask your permission before working with You energetically!) Most often, our request is made telepathically. In this instance, however, it was transmitted into writing on the page You were reading as such–

            WouldYou let yourSelf be willing to be loved– just as You are, every single part of You?

            We did it this way so that You would be very conscious of your answer. Being willing to allow yourSelf to be loved is a big step, after all… perhaps even bigger than You may have thought! Well, CONGRATULATIONS!!! How wonder-full, Beloved! Because now, You are ready for your next one, and it is glorious, indeed–

            Are You are willing to love YourSELF as You are loved?

            Your Yeshuwah has a great desire to…

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            New Sun Day: Inner Tech

            Koyopa Rising

            Through contact with high-vibrational nonhuman intelligence, I was taught the language of resonance and given a tool to engage natural soul technologies. On the December 2020 Solstice, I was inspired to share these audio recordings of streaming consciousness. Included in this offering is a spontaneous sound transmission, or songs from the Mother, that followed my dialogue practice. This post came later than usual as Mercury retrograde dealt me some tough lessons in slowing down.

            Some of the things I cover in my stream of consciousness are:

            Pieces of ourselves that weren’t welcome here have been held and cared for in the Earth herself. It is important that we restore and integrate these rejected pieces of our consciousness. Otherwise, the outer-world evolutionary trajectories will eventually blend humanity’s unique biological tech with their own artificial technologies. While some of these technologies were designed to be benevolent, if we do not know ourselves…

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