Reflections of Riverman

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Joy – Angel Ramaela
“Joy is food for the soul, the aroma of eternal ecstasy wafting on Heavenly air. Ramaela (raw-May-el-a) flies on wings of Joy and the buds of spring burst forth from her creative fires.” Kimberly Marooney – Angel Blessings

Joy is truly natural.
It is the sign within that tells us
everything is running smoothly.
Joy has no thought process;
it is a natural response to a lack of mental interference.
Transformation is like moving
when minds are focused and tranquil,
our hearts become more powerful
keeping Love alive creates Joy
there is no separation between Love and Joy
in that moment when we radiate a joyful energy field that everyone feels

How many times do we have to stop and search for Joy
or more commonly look for moments of happiness.

Or look for something to shift our…

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