Koyopa Rising

Through contact with high-vibrational nonhuman intelligence, I was taught the language of resonance and given a tool to engage natural soul technologies. On the December 2020 Solstice, I was inspired to share these audio recordings of streaming consciousness. Included in this offering is a spontaneous sound transmission, or songs from the Mother, that followed my dialogue practice. This post came later than usual as Mercury retrograde dealt me some tough lessons in slowing down.

Some of the things I cover in my stream of consciousness are:

Pieces of ourselves that weren’t welcome here have been held and cared for in the Earth herself. It is important that we restore and integrate these rejected pieces of our consciousness. Otherwise, the outer-world evolutionary trajectories will eventually blend humanity’s unique biological tech with their own artificial technologies. While some of these technologies were designed to be benevolent, if we do not know ourselves…

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