Mystic Morning Blog

crystal clear water before you

filled with your favorite food

you crave for each morsel

each desire tempting you with distraction

each one hiding a barbed hook

a thin filament to the one waiting far above

a sea filled with thousands upon 10’s of thousands of baited hooks

a mass of fish each pouncing upon every baited morsel that arises in its path

their frenzied hunger for distracting morsels never abated

lunging for each yet never filling their desire

and yet every once in an eternity

a fish swims on its own volition

its own discipline

its own wisdom

its own diligence

its own patience

its own concentration

without distraction towards a greater feast

for it has taken the bait many times

and realized that there was more

to fighting to exhaustion, to being endlessly dragged up and thrown back

again and yet again

there was one present moment in…

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