Guru Purnima Lunar Eclipse : 5 July


IMG_20200704_233847_045Full Moon on July 5 is Guru Purnima in India dedicated to The Guru /Teacher/ Buddha/ Shiva …The Light the dispels the darkness of ignorance. It’s also the last eclipse on the Cancer Capricorn Axis at 13 ° Capricorn.


This Lunar Eclipse also coincides with the Sun Sirius Conjunction , an event that sets in motion events that assist in bringing in a higher consciousness on pillars of Freedom , Sovereignty, Independence and Courage which are further based on The Blue Ray Energies of Divine Will, Power, Protection and Truth ( Link below)

A strong undercurrent that I’ve noticed in my sessions past few weeks is the ReAlignment or reconnection of the umbilical cord to the Ancient Divine Feminine Wisdom of New Foundational Creation ie reconnecting/ remembrance of The Ancient Wisdom before it was distorted/ hidden via vested interests aligned with shadow patriarchal attributes of Power Control and Domination for…

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